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Loss and Moving on after Pet Euthanasia

Thank you to my bevy of friends, on-line and IRL who supported me when my pet passed away. This was a tough week, and I know many of you have experienced similar losses. Pet euthanasia is always a difficult choice.

My adult children live on their now, so when my pet passed away, hubby and I have had to come to terms with a truly empty nest.

It is fair to say that everything feels a bit off now. Everything looks a shade different,  a barely discernible, but stubborn prism in the back of my eye,  so that life seems framed in a new way.

When my 14-year-old Shih tzu , Lucy, got sick last week I knew instinctively that there would be little to do to help her,  without adding to her burden of pain. Five days passed, two hospital visits and 3 vet consults, and the painful decision was made.

Pet euthanasia was chosen as the most compassionate choice.

I have not been in the mood to blog,  and no time for photo shoots. But I did notice that my iPad had put together a little clip on its own. Yes, scary and cool, what tech can do. I just changed the title. I am pleased with it because it does include some happier summer moments and two photos of Sam that I have been wanting to post.

Good memories of friends and sunny days do a lot to help me keep my balance ! Sweet friendship helps!

Below, is my little video clip. I hope you enjoy.

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I know many of you have had similar heart breaking moments. It is hard to deal with an empty nest. But I still find myself sad at times, proud of my adult children and clinging to happy moments. So many of them!

Have you had to choose pet euthanasia ? It is a tough subject, but our pets can not speak. When they are ill or elderly, we have to advocate for them, and act so they do not have to suffer needlessly,  to linger longer in this world  just for our benefit. It is hard.

Have you had to make the painful decision for pet euthanasia ? Please share any experience with your pet or empty nesting,  or anything else on your mind. I always value your feedback.

Happy weekend. Have a safe, happy and joyous holiday season,  as it approaches so very quickly.  Gosh I am so glad, my family will be gathered and we can be together, to mourn and celebrate each events it unfolds..