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Thanksgiving 2.0- Thanksgiving Feast for 40

Hello Loves! I enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners this year!  The first you saw earlier  this week was in my sister-in-law’s red dining room. This second one, prepared by my sister,  was very special too. The table was set beautifully, the fireplace was roaring and the Thanksgiving feast was out of this world!  I sit by the roaring fire, and soak up the warmth, cozy in my holiday sweater from Jacadi, a children’s store.

The harlequin intarsia pattern of this wool sweater mimics the flame of the fireplace a bit. It is made for children, but does not read juvenile and fits well!

Our late mother’s china is the serving plates for the appetizers. Holidays are bittersweet with a bother deceased as wells as both parents, and the recent loss of my dog;  but we do have much to celebrate. We focus on that! We are grateful. Our large family is doing well, and a bountiful thanksgiving feast is about to be presented and enjoyed.

You can see behind me how artful the cheese, fig jam, and crackers were arranged. The floral arrangement – such a bright and pretty addition. Below more shots of her table, and bits of decorating that added a festive touch.

   Created by my little sister, a lovely tableau,  featuring a photo taken by my twin sister!

 I am creative, too. A cake plate I made years ago when I was a mosaic artist and jewelry designer. This is an 8 inch tall cake stand with beads surrounding it. It features 12 different patterns of china, broken and pieced back together in a completely new arrangement.  I made a lot of these and sold them.  I have a lot of creative energy!

The most thoughtful thing my sister did was to put “thank you” cards at each table for her guests! In each she wrote down what she each appreciated about us. There were 40 guests so this was quite a feat. We were all very moved.

 The table, set and ready for the Thanksgiving feast.

The divine meal consisted of a large and perfectly roasted turkey, stuffed with whole- wheat bread crusts, brussel sprouts, walnut pieces,  pure creamery butter, sea salt, and a lovely citrus note of lemon zest. We also enjoyed a fresh arugula salad, two artisan loaves of bread; one with olives and one a simple sourdough.

Sweet potatoes, yams with marshmallows, and three pies were served with dessert. Quite a thanksgiving feast!

My sister’s house in the Hamptons overlooks a farm field. The view from the master is spectacular, but this is the view from the ground floor, it is a cool image since I cropped away the roof. It is what you see out the window. Ahh. A perfect view to enjoy after being in the city.

A shot of me in a new H&M faux fur coat, in our little East Hampton Home before we left for dinner.  The indoor light is not as bright this time of year, and this photo is not too flattering, but the coat! Run to H&M and get it for yourself or a friend for Christmas or Hanukah.  I brought yams and marshmallow and champagne .

We so enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast;  the warmth of the fire, the sweet gestures of my sisters, and being together with our families.  On our ride home the sun was setting in a bewitching way.

Happy to be back in New York, I am pleased to see some Christmas decorations, and enjoy nice views from the warm indoors!  I love this time of year !

Truly, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast.  Wishing you a happy start to the holiday season as I  send my love from New York!

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? What was your favorite thing about the holiday and meal? I would love to hear how your holiday was, if you celebrate it.