Who Calls the Shots?

Hello Friends. Another day, another chapter- in my diary that is. Today I am featuring out an outfit I wore recently in lavender tulle and plaid, an unlikely mix, but that is me for you!

I came to a party for BEAUTYCOUNTER hosted by my sister . I like their products very much, they use the best, and safest ingredients, and they donated the a nice amount  to the foundation of my autoimmune disease, Relapsing Polychondritis.

I wore my lavender tulle skirt, a full and girly thing, with a soft knit tee in a tartan plaid. This was a practical combo as well as a style choice. Tulle, it seems, wears like iron and the skirt grazed my knee and felt comfortable - not too short when sitting- and not too long- as that full shape would overwhelm my frame if it were below the knee. Unless I wore a higher heel, but not for a long event like this! :)  

I added a tie from a dress, I liked the touch of floral, and they way it anchored by brooch. My caged booties, added a bit of edge to this girlish look and also added texture. May I brag here? I got these babies on Poshmark! I found out about Postmark from a great blogging friend  Jess, from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. 

Sitting on my sister's pristine white leather section - how on Earth does she keep it so clean with two boys and a dog- she never ceases to amaze me-  my photographer called the shots. I am unused to commands to look left or look down, but he is the professional. When I saw the photos I was unsure, but hubby and my tutor agreed- they loved them. I hope you feel the same . It is okay if you do not. I get it.

Here the Postmark booties get their close-up. Fifteen Dollars! These are a favorite staple in my closet, and I am so pleased they did not cost a fortune. ( Manhattan eats expensive shoes, you know.)

Sometimes You just have to let others take control.  I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to my blog, so it was hard to let Geraldo, my photographer call the shots. But he did, and I am glad. He is the one behind the lens and I trust his eye. I am so used to letting hubby take my photos and then the only instruction I give is please watch your thumb! Ugh- that purple smudge on the corner of what could have been a super duper shot. Thank heavens for the crop feature.

 So fellow bloggers, when you get your photos done, who calls the shots?

No outfit details or shopping info here today. My computer keeps acting up. I also suspect that given them time of year, you may rather quit reading and head to your favorite flash sale sites. Tis the season! Is your inbox as full as mine? :)

Photos by Geraldo Vitale

Make up by Aracely Garcia

Before I close I want to say I appreciate all of your comments. I love your feedback. I installed Disqus and my Squarespace comments have vanished into the cyber neverlands.  Making changes can come with some hiccups. I appreciate your keeping up with me. Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate. Enjoy this week!

Splendid Times   XX, Elle