#OOTD – City Stripes

She was walking to the bank, and he was there. She sees him there often. She is dressed casually, as if the world is perfectly balanced.  She is able to finesse the bustling street knowing her day will be predictable and even. She knows how lucky she is. It is his perch there on the … Continue reading #OOTD – City Stripes

Slipping Away

Whenever the sun comes out,  I try to slip away. In Manhattan, the sun is eclipsed by so many tall buildings near me, one can hardly see it shine. Hubby and I high-tailed it to East Hampton. A shot of me wearing a slip skirt and cream leather and suede. This was shot in the … Continue reading Slipping Away

Sun Hats for Spring and my #TBT outfit.

My #TBT, has me sitting on the warm stone steps, outside of the hotel lobby, at a resort In Cancun. The photo, below right was taken about 2 years ago. Yesterday I could have worn the very same outfit, if i had made it to the beach as planned.  Alas, I did not. Yesterday it … Continue reading Sun Hats for Spring and my #TBT outfit.