City Snaps- Street Style in the City

Sam, Linna and I took to the streets for this authentic street style shoot! We are all from 3 different generations,  but we share common values. I enjoyed styling these gorgeous , and so much younger, girls !  We had a wonderful time, the way friends do, and the photoshoot ended up with an early, ad hoc dinner, New York style ! Check my Instagram feed for more of this shoot. Have a great week!

City Rush: Rushed In Rust Tweed.

Living in New York is expensive! I am not just talking money here, it is taxing on all of your resources. Basic niceties, such as quiet and ease of living, cost heavily here, and taxes the emotions. The pace is rushed, and the noise and debris of construction is omnipresent. So I savor a quiet … Continue reading City Rush: Rushed In Rust Tweed.

Golden, with a chance of Patchy Fog

Edgy. Threaded together. Unlikely elements stitched together. The result should be chaos, but it is not. It is merely the change of seasons, and the unpredictable forces blowing in and around.  She is touch and go, but she is here: Autumn . I am also describing my thrifted handbag made with bits of velvet, printed corduroy, ultra … Continue reading Golden, with a chance of Patchy Fog