City Snaps- Street Style in the City

In these difficult times, it is wonderful to take some time for socializing, and spending time with girlfriends.  Each of the three of us, featured here and styled by me, are a separate generation,  but we are very much alike in what we value. Below, we three on the city streets,  literally, showcasing our #streetstyle !

Sam is younger than my children, but carries herself like she is older; she exudes class and is an old soul. She is wearing a gorgeous evergreen leather jacket in short sleeves. She came to me this way, which made my job easy! I just added the lavender gloves, rose gold bracelet and violet crocodile kelly bag in violet, via Encore.  I also swapped her gorgeous black glasses for pink ones.

She is stunning, of course, but the addition of just those 4 pieces added major WOW factor.

I am wearing a foulard printed sheath dress with a jeweled collar that is about 4 years old. I layered it with a fingy boucle cardi that is CHANEL and has been a go-to cardigan for almost 10 years.

My burgundy brogues are lined in the cutest tartan plaid,  and my fishnets are slightly metallic which adds texture and a bit of an update. Two shots, portrait style, include my oversized sunnies for this very bright day.

I was a bit ahead of the curve with this dress four years ago. Now everything, it seems, is pearl trimmed. Lucky me AND it was an eBay find! Below Linna wears a silk kimono with a burn-out velvet pattern. Her denim has velvet trim with sequins, that she found at a street fair. ( I know!! )

 I wish we got a clear shot of that, but these city streets: were they crowded ! I added a elongated pearl necklace and voilà, a bit of feminine princess vibe with the modern kimono. So her city portrait looks like this:

The feather bag is Valentino from Michaels in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  It, too, is 2-3 years old but the feathers are pristine, ( it looked unworn when I bought it) and I love the way the wind caught the feathers. You can see that in the first photo. This bag – the ethereal loft to it – also adds some oomph to this outfit.

We had such fun before and after this shoot. We all got to spend some time with my new photographer after the shoot. Thanks to Ali for photography and some of the editing.

I am ending this post with a shot of Sam that Ali edited. I hope you will agree it is a great shot of her, and reflects some true photography talent ( as well as bravery, in the city streets!)  I am pleased, too, with how the styling ended up.

The afternoon was a true New York experience which ended up with an early, ad hoc dinner at my place. We all had fun, even dodging the traffic was an adventure. But what I most treasured was how our diverse backgrounds made each of us more interesting. New York has the most engaging people from every place, and every walk of life. How lucky I am to live here!

Thanks to ali-morf for photography.

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