Butterflies <3 Stripes

Happy Spring! It is warm on this spring day, but there is still dirty walls of snow. I am grateful for them though. I tripped over a bit of an uneven city street. and started to fall, propelling forward. I caught myself on a wall of snow, and no harm done. There is always a … Continue reading Butterflies <3 Stripes

What to Wear: Girl’s Night Out

Samantha, Dea and I were going to a special restaurant for dinner. We choose to dress up a bit! We were going to Theo's NY, a place well known for its fresh seafood, and quietly luxurious decor. We walked. Photos along the way: Samantha and Dea hailed a taxi while I was checking to see … Continue reading What to Wear: Girl’s Night Out

NYC Rooftop Style

Last week,  hubby and I invited friends to join us at our roof top, briefly before dinner. It is quiet up there, perhaps because it was late. It is so nice to have access to a quiet place in the city. I call this look Demi-Glam, because while most the items are ornate, or embellished, … Continue reading NYC Rooftop Style