The Fifth Decade: still blossoming

Like these warm October days, with summer flowers still verdant and vivid, I think the fifth decade is a surprisingly good one. Despite my age, or perhaps because of it,¬† I feel like I am blossoming; growing and reaching towards something bright. The fifth decade of my life has been good to me. Follow my … Continue reading The Fifth Decade: still blossoming

Bold Fashion in Dark Times

Yesterday I wore a bright sweater with "Gucci" vibes, and distressed denim. Today, after reading the headlines, I would not choose to wear color. I would want to wear black. I was at Bloomingdales supposing their efforts to fight breast cancer,  and I bought two items where the proceeds went generously to that cause. I have included a shopping collage, for those of us who want the shopping distraction!

 In dark times, it is helpful to embrace Fashion and Art; to train our eyes, collectively, on the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you peace, joy, and the bit of light that comes with illumination.

XOXO, Elle

White Lace Maxi in the Courtyard

THE MAXI DRESS  this season is a versatile staple as well as a fashion statement . Whether in lace, as mine is, as featured, or in a tribal print, floral, or stripe, let this GO ANYWHERE dress- let you do just that!

Add a kimono for a cool second layer, or a hooded cardi for the beach! Style with flip flops, espradrilles, or cool booties for a bit of urban edge.

Sleeve Treatments: A Trend or a Spin on Classic Dressing?

Exploring and defining the sleeve-treatment trend, we find that this is a classic focus and not necessarily a summer trend. Choose the flutter sleeve, the furry sleeve, the bell sleeve : it is all there to add gorgeous detail. Dressing the shoulder is a forever endeavor, and adding drama with a sleeve detailing is a great styling option.

My Gucci Look at Fashion Week

Hello, I hope you are well!  You have seen some photos of what I wore for NYFW on Instagram, but I wanted to take a moment to share this look. At the MIMI TRAN show, here, I composed ( without really aiming for it)  a Gucci like outfit that is eclectic and fun to wear, … Continue reading My Gucci Look at Fashion Week

The Bomber and Gucci Styling

Happy Friday loves, we made it!It has been a crazy busy, intense time for me here in NYC. Perhaps for you as well.? As the political ambiance fades into the surreal,  I am struck with the need to organize, - can you relate?- and to distract. So I have been dressing up and seeing friends, gazing … Continue reading The Bomber and Gucci Styling

Buttoned Up: Fringed , and Floral

Hello, and happy Summer! OK, it is not, but at 80 + degrees today, if sure feels like it. I have been wearing knee length skirts for weeks now, a light jacket, and only boots as a nod to Fall. In the city, the trees are still green, and the flowers are colorful. Normally it … Continue reading Buttoned Up: Fringed , and Floral

#DIY Embellished Bags

Just in time for #NYFW, when we look at what we want to buy for the new season, and what we want to change up, one can not avoid the plethora of gorgeous embellished bags in the stores.  It is also hard not to notice the price tags.What I did after an exhaustive search was … Continue reading #DIY Embellished Bags

Enchanted: #the Butterfly Trend

It is hard not to swoon when you see richly embellished leather and denim, with fabulous embellishments of flowers and butterflies. The high-end pieces are a lust-must!  But for the rest of us, we improvise. I added three beautifully crafted butterfly pins to my sleeveless vest and voil√° !  Somewhat of a Gucci Hack , … Continue reading Enchanted: #the Butterfly Trend