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The Fifth Decade: still blossoming despite all odds !

Like these warm October days, with summer flowers still verdant and vivid, I think the fifth decade is a surprisingly good one.

Despite my age, or perhaps because of it,  I feel like I am blossoming; growing and reaching towards something bright. The fifth decade of my life has been good to me.

Follow my day, last Saturday. First, I went walking to revel in this marvelous sunny day. I asked a stranger to take a shot of me near a graffiti painted truck. All of these photos are from non-professionals. I wonder if you will like the more candid vibe?

Processed with Rookie Cam

I found a fabulous spot for petits fours and cappuccino while walking. The precious marzipan cakes were so scrumptious, and made with really fine ingredients like real lavender and rose essence,  and fresh butter. Decorated like little sculptures, almost to beautiful to eat. This gem is called Bon Vivant. Run, do not walk, to visit it- it is near Bloomingdales  at 238 E. 58th street. No, this is not sponsored! Consider this an official DE-LISH ALERT!

Best spot for cappucino in NYC


HIdden gem for coffee and baked goods

sipping coffee

Next I waked towards home and sat at a little outdoor pavilion . Birds and flowers just as abundant and happy as a spring day. In October! I know this bodes poorly for the planet, and see I see terrible images of tragic storms, but just for this moment,  I am savoring this perfect sunny day.

Spring Flowers in Autumn

Then I went home and bumped into a friend. She was going to eat lunch, so I offered her a sandwich yes, I actually had food in the refrigerator!-  and we took it to the rooftop of my co-op. We had the whole space to ourselves, on this wonderful day. So after lunch, she took a few snaps. Sometime life works that way, and when it does, I am grateful.

NYC Blogger on rooftop

Blooger the fifth decade

I guess I was feeling posey above. What can I say, it is almost mid October, and the flowers are still in bloom, and the tree below, is in bud! Maybe the fifth decade is my best one yet! A look at an equally joyful post here.

trees budding in autumn

So what say you , dear readers. Are you also finding unseasonable weather? Has it been good to you or deleterious ? I truly hope you live where the weather has been kind, and feel for you, most sincerely, if the weather has brought storms.

Another question, do you like these um… unprofessional photos from my camera phone? I know that rule number one is having professional ones. I do sometimes hire a professional, but when I can I like to improvise. I value spontaneity . Is this another rule I break? Please be honest.

Wishing you Peace, Joy, and Calm Blue Skies!

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27 thoughts on “The Fifth Decade: still blossoming despite all odds !

  1. Did you change the design of your blog? LOVE what you are wearing. Yes selfies are not easy and this the petits fours cafe looks amazing we need to hit this up. Oh the weather is nuts, we are lucky we have not been hit with a major hurricane (yet) I can not deal with 5 months of humidity anymore. The weather here is getting really bad. When I was in Paris it was so nice, actual fall weather. I bought a tweed Zadig and Voltaire jacket and was wearing it all week in Paris, not here. Here I sweat for 5 months. Then freeze. Over it.

    Allie of

    1. Yes I have been struggling to change the blog. It is been giving me a bit of trouble. I actually have been loving this late summer weather. But I hear you, it is not for everyone. I’m glad you like what I’m wearing it’s just a simple Gucci tee, that I bought years ago, and a five dollar silk chiffon skirt from a thrift store. I love that brand and can’t wait to see thenjacket . I do think the bakery would be a great place to meet up next time, but it would be better if it served champagne. ❗️
      Xx, Elle
      Glad you are home ,

    1. Age is just a number, and an attitude, and to some extent genetics, too. I am actually 59. But this is a good decade, with my adult children faring well, and my hubby of 34 years in good shape, too. The world – thats another matter. but life is good! Thanks so much for your comment!
      xx, Elle

  2. I’ve been LOVING our summer in October weather. I had my fingers crossed it would last till spring but today it has cooled down substantially.

    You are so good about asking others to take photos of you. I never have the nerve. However you manage to take your photos they always seem to turn out pretty good.


    PS…I’ve been scouting for one of your braids headbands in my colour but can’t find one.

    1. That is funny it cooled down to New York today also. I’m quite sad about it. But I think it’s going to be sunny and a bit warmer this weekend. I have no problem asking strangers to take my photo because there are so many people outside and on their phones. I don’t do it so often but I find that New Yorkers are quite friendly. Contrary to public opinion perhaps. I will look for the headband in your color when I get a moment!
      Hugs to you .
      Xo, Elle

    1. Yes, the petits fours, yummers! I went back today for more. Please come to NYC ! I would so love to see you!
      xoxo, Elle

  3. First I have to say that I like the phone photos too!! Life can’t be always “perfect” and these photos have wonderful aspects to their own right.
    And secondly—did you know that I thought you were in your 20’s? I had absolutely no idea that you were in my age group!! Girl—I need your secret!!

    1. I am glad you said that Jodie. I like to alternate professional shots with some from my camera phone, and sometimes they come out just as well. These shots tend to be more on the fly amd candid, and I like that . That is sweeet of you to say Jodie! Sometimes I feel 20, in my heart, if not my body!
      Happy weekend love

  4. Yes, it’s been a fun week, I ended up just deleting that selfie! The smoothing function makes it look to strange, and I will continue to try, but so far selfies are not my strong suit z,
    Happy weekend Katya!
    Xoxo, Elle

  5. Such a lovely post. Petit Fours, YUM! Your day looked perfect, delicious sweets, some interesting street art, friends, and lovely weather. Who could ask for anything more.

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