Transition to Fall with Statement Tights

Statement tights helps to transition into fall.

While there are issues much more profound, we fashionistas are trying to look autumnal while wearing summer weight clothes. Global weirding, anyone?  What to do?

  My outfit felt more like the hues of the leaves falling from the trees, despite temps in the high 70’s, when I  added statement tights,  in a rich tawny port.

Chic woman in a gazebo

Girl in  a gazebo, anyone? 🙂  How to read Fall when the temps say Summer! Yes, its a Thing!

Blogger wears burgundy tights

My handkerchief hem dress was an easy choice for a birthday luncheon on Long Island. It is comfortable and has enough detail that I do not feel like I am wearing just any old LBD!

A rich merlot color of the statement tights add some warmth.

Further my statement tights  are Lucy proof ( My shih-tzu !) – a must when traveling with a pup on your lap! The color transformed this outfit!

My studded jacket is a thrifted find, and my buckled booties serve me well with traction soles. My braided headband makes my hair look finished and ” done”,  but it is a simple hack. Below summer flowers on an autumn’s day.  Confusing, right?


The Jewellery I wore, in a creative collage that incorporates my $3.00 leopard bag, thrifted many years ago, and the pretty foliage is featured below. You will see the foliage is in the same hue as my statement tights.

eternity bands


I dislike the overuse of the word “statement”. Focal point may be better; but however you call it,  tights in a number of decorative varieties are having a true moment. We are seeing lush embroideries, fishnets, micro fishnets, metallic fishnets, stripes, plaids and jewel tones. Statement tights can really transform a meh outfit into one that is outstanding.

It is barely fall and already I have worn 4 different kinds of statement tights. I am especially fond of the micro fishnets, just the right amount of texture, and not a true “Look at Me”, accessory. Do you remember? Look back at future posts and you will see 4 iterations of statement tights, my fav being argyle mixed with a floral dress and a plaid jacket.

Below, because it is a beautiful image , I share with you my MIL’s tablescape, a true work of art in this autumnal color scheme. Pantone would be proud!

autumnal tablescape

For more reading on this trend, check out this post from the Blonde Salad. You will be dazzled by the imaginative and creative ways tights have punched up these ensembles. From Street style to Runway, to your own treasured closets,  add some fun tights to create fabulous ensembles. Just adding fishnets under distressed and cropped denim is a very cool touch. See how color transforms an outfit here.  Remember, details matter!

the elle diaries

Have a wonderful week ahead!                              XOXO , Elle

21 thoughts on “Transition to Fall with Statement Tights

  1. First Elle, you made me laugh about the overuse of the word “statement” I joke around and say “Im getting myself a cup of “statement coffee” or how do you like my statement XYZ? so true. Well, your vintage thrifted bag DOES make a statement! I love it! and isn’t it funny the round shapes are showing in the stores now too. Love the pretty tights with your lbd. i am a fan of textured and colored tights too as they amp the look. Love the new web look too!
    Enjoy the week!
    jess xx

    1. thanks so much my beautiful friend. Yes, I agree about that word! LOl! That round bag was a lucky find. Have wonderful week!
      xoxo Elle

    1. They are! I am sure you saw in in Paris. You can do a braid silly, the rest is a headband! I am hopeless with my hair! I am so glad you are back safe and sound!
      xx, Elle

    1. I know, I have trouble believing it myself sometimes. Thank you so much for the lovely comment and I want to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog .
      Xo, Elle

  2. Hi, Elle

    Thanks for reminding me of the special tights that are available now. My sister had some beautifully textured tights (I never wear mine) and black leggings with a sheer black stripe along the sides that I loved (I posted it on Instagram). Then I forgot about wearing my textured tights. I loved the sparkly silvery tights you had on at the Chico’s NYC meetup! I usually wear jeans, pants, maxi-skirts but sometimes a short skirt. Now I hope I remember to check out the different kinds of tights available instead of just wearing black all the time. 😀


    1. Angie, I am so glad that you found some of this post useful. Than you very much for the lovely comment. Will visit your blog this weekend when I can savor it.
      Xo, Elle

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