The Fifth Decade: still blossoming

Like these warm October days, with summer flowers still verdant and vivid, I think the fifth decade is a surprisingly good one. Despite my age, or perhaps because of it,  I feel like I am blossoming; growing and reaching towards something bright. The fifth decade of my life has been good to me. Follow my … Continue reading The Fifth Decade: still blossoming

#NTFW- #WIW & #Streetstyle Vibes

Hello loves! Today, I  am featuring the anatomy of a #NYFW outfit, that represents slow fashion,  and the eclectic mix that is my signature style. Much of it is up-cycled. Also included are some fun shots of the attendees of the shows,  and some colorful street style looks!


Wishing you a happy weekend!

xoxo, Elle

#NYFW / My Bustling City/ #WIW

We find ourselves a bit past the mid-point of #NYFW. I have enjoyed many runway shows, but was especially enthusiastic about the Runway Gala hosted by The Carol Galvin Foundation to benefit cancer. This post just is a preview of the shows to come, and a bit of a #WIW post as well.  More to come!

Stay safe from the storms! Sending love from New York City!

#Streetstyle Tips: How To Wear White After Labor Day

Wondering how to wear white after Labor Day? Lets ditch the old rules and look at white as a cool neutral for autumn. Think cozy sweaters, soft capes, white shirtings over denim, in any color. Do not forget a winter-white coat in a good wool or cashmere, a true luxury piece that will always be in style. I added some shopping and styling ideas to this post. Remember , when possible, shop small and local!

Eclipse in vivd orange/ Outfit For the Solar eclipse In NYC

Dressed in a #EvaMendes wrap skirt, via NY&C , I went out to see the solar eclipse The sky went dark and the crescent moon was the same fiery orange as my bag, and dimmed to the coral of my top. I did not intend to mirror this miraculous natural event with my random outfit choice , but there it is. What wonderful experience : throngs of New Yorkers were lining the street and erupting into gleeful OOHS and AHHS- What a lovely change of venue and mood for this city, and elsewhere, I am sure!

Life! In Saturated Color !

Shot on the streets of Manhattan, I am wearing an eclectic look defines my style: colorful, creative, and anti-formulaic. I own it. But the best part of the shoot, was when a passerby saw my friend shooting this look,  and offered to shoot us together. New Yorkers Rock!  I witness, and practice, kindness everyday. That's my style, too. First and Foremost!

Frill Trousers/ City Day

A busy city day in Manhattan has me on the street and wearing ruffled black trousers, pearl trimmed Gucci boots, and a vintage Gucci bag, I added a metallic and lace sweatshirt . Am I the only one who is a bit tired of the cold shoulder look?   Its a cute trend, but I though I would offer a less formulaic look today! Happy mid-week

StreetSnaps: Candid on the Avenue

While walking a bit ago, I saw a very stylish woman walking towards me. This often happens in New York,  but I was ready that day. This young lady seemed to hit every trend, and really seemed to own her style. Am I right? Yes, I am! How on point is this look! Her outfit is … Continue reading StreetSnaps: Candid on the Avenue

#OOTD: skinny jeans + bow blouse + exotic heels

Staying out of the heat , I hope?  Here is a look that is so smooth and cool,  you can skip the pool or Iced laté. I met Samantha during a photo shoot of a recent post.  As she was walking by I noticed her polished look. I approached Samantha and she agreed to a … Continue reading #OOTD: skinny jeans + bow blouse + exotic heels