Electric Eclectic : City Style in Red !

A summer outfit that is both eclectic and electric : a red full skirt with soutache embroidery , a striped tee, and some Asian floral platforms have me on high alert for summer fun!

Ah, Summer in the city! (and weekends in the Hamptons! )

This outfit is even sweeter, as much of it is second hand! 

Tropical Prints All Around

Hello lovely friends. I hope this week has winded down to a quiet rush of excitement for a relaxing getaway, wherever that might take you, even if it is a cozy nook in your own home.  I wanted to share my tropical print dress, that I wore to the Hamptons, last weekend,  for dinner. The … Continue reading Tropical Prints All Around

Warbrobe Without Walls

Happy Weekend Friends. The photos that are featured today were taken many days ago, before the steamy, hot mess of summer rolled in. I chose my outfit with the usual abandon, going for a summer mix of sun yellow, and textures of lace, knitted appliqué, and smooth studs on my strappy shoes. I am hoping … Continue reading Warbrobe Without Walls

White Maxi Dress \ Summer Style

I love a quiet spot at the beach, with no noise, other than the wind swishing gently at the nearby brush, and birdsong. The sun is warm on my face. The breeze is just the right amount of pleasant. This is when I wear white. A white maxi can be perfect without accessories for someone … Continue reading White Maxi Dress \ Summer Style

Enter the Lace Palazzo Pant

The long sweep of trouser leg, the openwork of lace, the breezy cropped peasant blouse,  gathering in gauzy billows at the wrists. Add to it, the smell of pine in the air. What could be better? Enter the loungy Palazzo Pant. The peasant blouse is vintage. Before BOHO was BOHO, and girls wore "hippie clothes" … Continue reading Enter the Lace Palazzo Pant

Off-Season in the Hamptons

My favorite time of the year is early Spring. It is a wonderful time to visit the Hamptons, before HIgh-Season brings crowds and clotted road ways,  and noise to the restaurants. The daffodils are in bloom, trees are budding, and the Hamptons remembers that it is best-dressed in sky blue and lush forest green. Above, … Continue reading Off-Season in the Hamptons