Tropical Prints All Around

Hello lovely friends. I hope this week has winded down to a quiet rush of excitement for a relaxing getaway, wherever that might take you, even if it is a cozy nook in your own home.  I wanted to share my tropical print dress, that I wore to the Hamptons, last weekend,  for dinner.

The dress was a lucky find at LVIS In East Hampton. I didn’t even try it on. I have a good eye for what will fit me, I am lucky that way.  We made reservations at our favorite eatery,  c/o THE MAIDSTONE,  and I pulled on the dress and it fit perfectly and was super comfortable.

I paired the tropical print dress with strappy gold sandals, with block heels. Because of the delicate straps on the dress, I did not add a necklace. A python, cross body bag added some texture, and complimented the colors and the theme, which I did not really know I was building.

I like that the bag converts to a clutch and has a pretty bow in the middle. It also came from LVIS.

A close up shot shows that I sort of blend it with the decor. This was a happy coincidence.

Outside is the prettiest walkway to the restaurant. What a lovely welcome!

Next time i will wear it strapless, the elastic is perfect. I can then add a necklace or simple leather cord choker, or maybe long earrings, and no necklace? And i will tie a bow at the waist!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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