Wind/ Plaid/ Bows

Hello Friends! It has been windy here. The sky is throwing us some current and the political arena is too; the winds of change are in the air.  So I dress In a mixed up, Mash Up and I won't apologize for it. Traditional tartan is mixed with a nod to military, and then worn … Continue reading Wind/ Plaid/ Bows

Dichotomy: Pleated Plaid: Romantic Floral

HELLO! I hope you are having a wonderful week. I had photos taken indoors one day last week as it was so windy. The indoor lighting was tricky,  -which means the shadows did mean things to my face- and I almost didn't post this, but the last photo is something I think you will want … Continue reading Dichotomy: Pleated Plaid: Romantic Floral

Dancing on a Cloud: St.Cloud, that is.

I was invited to a cocktail hour at St.Cloud, a sophisticated, plush and urban destination - high atop the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. The walls of greenery were splendid and exotic;  the three corner pods looked elegant, and ensured a bit of privacy for conversation too. The attire was "festive floral" so I went … Continue reading Dancing on a Cloud: St.Cloud, that is.

NYC Rooftop Style

Last week,  hubby and I invited friends to join us at our roof top, briefly before dinner. It is quiet up there, perhaps because it was late. It is so nice to have access to a quiet place in the city. I call this look Demi-Glam, because while most the items are ornate, or embellished, … Continue reading NYC Rooftop Style

The Camel Coat + a Snood

Staying warm and looking like you have not emerged directly from one's rumpled bed can be a challenge. I wore a long sleeve tee, and chunky fair-isle sweater,  a camel coat in thick wool and cashmere, and a snood. It worked. I am warm! My camel coat is rather shapeless but I love the bracelet … Continue reading The Camel Coat + a Snood

The New Speak, how Tech changes how we “Talk”

I spoke to her last week. I did. But I didn't . I texted her last week, and there is a notable difference in how we communicated. How we communicate is changing SO fast! This photo brings home a  visual point in showing just how much they way technolgoy affects how we communicate with loved … Continue reading The New Speak, how Tech changes how we “Talk”

Who Calls the Shots?

Hello Friends. Another day, another chapter- in my diary that is. Today I am featuring out an outfit I wore recently in lavender tulle and plaid, an unlikely mix, but that is me for you! I came to a party for BEAUTYCOUNTER hosted by my sister . I like their products very much, they use … Continue reading Who Calls the Shots?

The Bell Curve

Set against the brick exterior of my sister's house, I  am wearing her dress in autumnal colors of similar shades of brick, warmed by tones of green and amber. I am also wearing her fabulous  textured boots. How prescient these purchases were. She bought both items in 2010, and both styles are so on trend … Continue reading The Bell Curve

The Boxy Suit

Happy Mid-week Glam Girls! I am sharing an outfit that you may have seen on Instagram. I am wearing a boxy suit in a muted tweed and a newsboy cap in plaid. Working it in menswear! The blurry look was unintentional, but I do not mind it. There are some shots where the resolution is … Continue reading The Boxy Suit