Dichotomy: Pleated Plaid: Romantic Floral

HELLO! I hope you are having a wonderful week. I had photos taken indoors one day last week as it was so windy. The indoor lighting was tricky,  -which means the shadows did mean things to my face- and I almost didn’t post this, but the last photo is something I think you will want to see.

I am wearing an eclectic sort of Mui Mui look here, with my pleated, plaid skirt, and romantic floral blouse from Marks&  I added argyle socks to my patent and snake mary janes that I found on eBay in my tiny size. I have had this skirt a while. By that, I mean 3 decades, give or take! The belt has is trimmed in pearls and shaped in a bow.

Yes, there is a lot going on here.

Have you met my dog Lucy? She is going to be fourteen. I am rather nuts about her! When I am home, she never leaves my side. Sweet pup!

Below a close up of most of what I am wearing.


The grand finale, is my cute dog ! She still runs with me across the street where it is quiet. Not bad for an old bitch, right?  Yes, you can read that however you like.

Happy Mid-Week! Be safe and well, my lovely fashionistas!

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