City Snaps- Street Style in the City

Sam, Linna and I took to the streets for this authentic street style shoot! We are all from 3 different generations,  but we share common values. I enjoyed styling these gorgeous , and so much younger, girls !  We had a wonderful time, the way friends do, and the photoshoot ended up with an early, ad hoc dinner, New York style ! Check my Instagram feed for more of this shoot. Have a great week!

Styling & Dining at the Kimberly Hotel

I met my friend Sam in the very chic Kimberly Hotel last week. I styled her before we walked to this fabulous place, that features a great restaurant, elegant lobby, and lively rooftop bar. Despite our age difference, we had so much fun discussing art, politics, and love. We actually think very much alike. -- She looked stunning of course, and all eyes were on her! 

Styling Julia

Julia is a friend of mine. She is exuberant, beautiful, intellectual, and nothing In- Between. She was a cinch to style. Gerardo brought out her best, and  I hope you love this editorial style,  photo shoot. We will start at the end.Why not, it is an Upside Down World right now.After  the shoot we went out … Continue reading Styling Julia