City Snaps- Street Style in the City

Sam, Linna and I took to the streets for this authentic street style shoot! We are all from 3 different generations,  but we share common values. I enjoyed styling these gorgeous , and so much younger, girls !  We had a wonderful time, the way friends do, and the photoshoot ended up with an early, ad hoc dinner, New York style ! Check my Instagram feed for more of this shoot. Have a great week!

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Elle, Abroad

I am a cranky, crappy traveler, but once I get to a destination, muscle down the fog of circadian rhythm mutiny, I fall in love with my chosen place. So it was in Porto, Portugal. We arrived in Porto, in the morning, well before the hotel was ready to take us in. They did take… Read More Elle, Abroad


Styling Julia

Julia is a friend of mine. She is exuberant, beautiful, intellectual, and nothing In- Between. She was a cinch to style. Gerardo brought out her best, and  I hope you love this editorial style,  photo shoot. We will start at the end. Why not, it is an Upside Down World right now. After  the shoot we… Read More Styling Julia