Do you walk on by?

The warm rain sloshed against the dining room window apparently at battle with the autumn air. This day was both long and short. It was dark but incandescent. The wet day seems enigmatic of the times we find ourselves in. Uncomfortable, unpredictable , mercurial, and somewhat beautiful, ┬ádespite it all. Sometimes, and especially of late, … Continue reading Do you walk on by?

Frill Trousers/ City Day

A busy city day in Manhattan has me on the street and wearing ruffled black trousers, pearl trimmed Gucci boots, and a vintage Gucci bag, I added a metallic and lace sweatshirt . Am I the only one who is a bit tired of the cold shoulder look?   Its a cute trend, but I though I would offer a less formulaic look today! Happy mid-week

The SKY is Falling . Really.

photo by Gerardo VitaleMost thought the noise and vibrations were hail.  But it was a curtain of bricks that rained down that morning on First Avenue, not far from me, at 64th Street. It was December 7th. Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. I walked by later in the day not having heard the news, … Continue reading The SKY is Falling . Really.