Do you walk on by?

The warm rain sloshed against the dining room window apparently at battle with the autumn air. This day was both long and short. It was dark but incandescent.

The wet day seems enigmatic of the times we find ourselves in. Uncomfortable, unpredictable , mercurial, and somewhat beautiful,  despite it all.

Sometimes, and especially of late, I wonder why I pour countless hours into unpaid work, that is often unnoticed .  I know this realm as therapy for an autoimmune illness, a creative platform , a sometimes messaging center to the younger ones, to not buy what they are selling. Shop small, buy local, upcycle.

Does a non commercial message get heard ?

I an highly ambivalent about social media even as I see how useful it can be. Often, it feeds dark corners of our mind without enlightening the larger picture.  It enables a venue that ensures self selection and the continuation of a paradigm.

It seems to ensure that we move in a circular way rather than forward and up.

And yet, here I am. on the screen, keyboard bright with blue light. Clickety click, Clickety click, That is all I am going to write today. I am spellbound by the light within the raindrops falling against the dusky sky.

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16 thoughts on “Do you walk on by?

  1. I can certainly empathize with your feelings. I often feel this same way.

    It is hard to make waves of any kind with a non commercial statement when it feels like you are blowing against a hurricane.

    I’ve noticed that blogging has been diving lately and there are fewer and fewer people interacting. It is disheartening since often that is the only feedback and “payment” we receive as bloggers.

    Social media is self centred and vapid. That is the way it is designed. It is not meant to truly “help” anyone. We are on a path to nowhere.


    1. True, to all of that, sadly . I know you can relate. But I do get enough feedback that I want to continue, as the feedback I get is real and sustaining. I also am greatly inspired by the bloggers i follow, like you, for one. But the overall landscape of social media and the cultural rift is this country is enormously worrisome….It is that burden that tempts me to walk away. But I won’t, I am here to stay.
      Blowing against a hurricane, is just what it felt like yesterday, literally- with winds of 30 mph, and figuratively.
      Twitter actually did help recent storm victims though… weirdly..
      xoxo, Elle

  2. I could’t agree with you more. The time, dedication, hours seem to be much more than what we’re rewarded with at times. However, what keeps me going is the relationships I’ve cultivated through this industry and social media. It’s the people. At the same time, I find myself stepping away and taking digital detoxes more than ever because it can be a bit much to constantly be bombarded with what seems to be lives of perfection, when deep down we know no such thing exists. Thanks for opening up with us, beautiful. Keep on going.



    1. Thanks Jalisa for this thoughtful remark.
      I agree, I have made many great friendships through blogging, and it has enriched my life greatly. I do worry about social media and the way it competes with real life interactions as well as the tendency, guilty as charged, to post ourselves looking our best. Good that you also detox, from time to time. Many thanks for being a reader of my little site!
      xoxo, Elle

  3. Well blogging and social media are two different things. And unfortunately the latter has had an impact on the former. I remember when I first started out blogging all I heard was social media, social media, social media, but the reality is social media pushed very little traffic to my blog. In fact it is in part responsible for the lack of engagement. Though sadly not the whole story.

    It is bloggers themselves who are responsible for the lack of engagement and all their “tricks” like commenting back on their own blog instead of visiting the blog of the blogger who commented on their blog. It makes them look like they have comments then they do and also laziness they do not have to read or visit all the other blogs. And then there is the trick of following someone on IG, and then unfollowing them once you get them to follow you.

    And of course there is all the faking,I would say that %70 of the numbers on IG are fake. The followers, the likes, the comments…ALL FAKE.

    So I work on my blog because I enjoy it, I meet people, I have experiences I would not have, I learn new things and it may help with looking for a new job. But if I was doing it just to engage with other bloggers I would have stopped a long time ago.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. I agree with all of that. My frustrations with social media is much more from how it is affecting the cultural landscape than my blog…I have met so many great people in real life, because of my blog , and am invited to so many cool events. I also worry, too, about the security of social media. I also remain inspired by the style sense of the bloggers I follow, and their writing style in many cases, as well.
      Thanks for this thoughtful response. Your friendship is a plus that I have gotten from blogging.
      xoxo, Elle

      1. Have you been watching C Span? Whoooee social media is in the hot spot today. IG can thank it’s lucky stars it is an image based platform so not targeted for politics and news…

  4. I been pretty bless with my blog from day one maybe its due to my honesty. I never change do not talk much about my private life its boring I always on the road due to my job I still have bloggers who visit me from the day I started I condider them my internet friends. I been doing plenty collaboration I have comments from other bloggers when I started stating my blog followers and being noticed was fast I just did not emphasize on that but do appreciate all the kind people and bloggers on my media and my blog. Blogging its hard work I just do it as a hobby but I know plenty of bloggers who want modeling and advertising opportunities and they do not get notice and they continue on or quit. Its good to play to our own drum 🥁 and do what its best for ourselves do not focus on how far others strive.

  5. I love your blog and I understand how you feel also since I’ve been blogging for so long and it does get to you at times how shallow and superficial the industry can be. Just want to let you know that your thoughts matter. You write so beautifully and you put so much heart and wisdom into every word and comment that you make <3 Your voice matters to us 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for saying that Angel. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate your very fine writing.
      Be well. I have been thinking about you….
      xoxo, Elle

  6. Yes your blog is inspiring. You are one of th few who posts every Day it seems and I notice you get great feedback, and I admire that so much. Your sincerity comes through too, and I always find your post topics interesting.
    That is good advice. I am only seldom frustrated with the blog.. mostly my concern with social media is the more worldly situation and social strife that I see and read about.
    Thanks for this thoughtful reply.
    Xoxo, Elle

  7. For me to be 20 I understand that social seems to be more of like a social scene, but online. We tend to get gratification from the amounts of likes and followers, its pretty superficial. I use Instagram to promote my blog, and I’ll see bloggers like my picture, but never actually check out my blog. Or they’ll follow me to get a follow back just to unfollow me. So there are very few who are there to really support you, but there are a few who will check it then message me that they read it. I agree at times where I just want to walk away from social media and there have been times were i deactivated my account because its be come way too much. I’m grateful for you because I know every time you cooment on my Instagram or blog post you’re very sincere. I’ll be back blogging very soon!

    1. I know, instagram is great for instant gratification ! I miss your blog, but i understand it is time consuming. I am sincerely a fan of yours!
      xoxo, Elle
      ps if you subscribed to my blog before, it is another platform and you will not get notified of new posts… I am hoping to fix that, but you can also subscribe at the new blog site.. if you want to.

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