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Mad Dash in A Plaid Coat

Hello! I like to wear this plaid coat as the weather is warm, and i find more reasons to be outside. My  glen  plaid coat, is a vintage and traditional glen plaid.  I updated this look  by adding fringed denim and a pop of red.

A neutral plaid coat is always helped by a pop of color and a bit of texture.

If you remember I wore this outfit to a recent jewelry opening exhibit . The light layer, a leather lined vintage plaid coat by Balenciaga Paris, was the perfect look and weight for this warm autumn day.

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Plaid coat and beret

I chose a beret to add a touch of classic Euro style, and my Le Fleur sunnies . The pale pink added some feminine whimsy to the classic menswear coat. Below, my Mark Cross bag in red and an LV bag. ( yes, this is a cosmetic bag, but it carried a belated birthday gift perfectly- fitting the shape almost exactly).

Plaid coat with designer bag

With the exception of my fringed jeans and blue sweater, everything I am wearing is second hand, from upscale consignment stores near me in Manhattan. I love the way this vintage coat fit me, perfectly- even in the sleeve length .

Vintage items fit me well, as the women were smaller 20 years or so ago. I am not sure of the age of this coat, but it is surely back in style. You can’t go wrong with fine designer labels, they are made to be worn for a lifetime or two! Such a different kind of philosophy than “fast fashion”; the materials and craftsmanship , the needlework, the horn buttons… all so finely done and made to stand the test of time.  I was also very happy to pay only $80 for it!

Glen plaid coat and french beret

Above, the french knot earrings that I am wearing belonged to my mother in law.  I love the classic design and rich yellow gold. Below, a snap of the East River from this week. It was so warm my husband went bike riding and took this on his iPhone.


Fine fashion, glen plaids, and river views never go out of style!  Happy week loves!

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31 thoughts on “Mad Dash in A Plaid Coat

  1. That is a GORGEOUS coat – and you look fabulous in it. With these vintage items, you are so right – they never really go out of style, and the quality is head and shoulders above what’s being made nowadays, even by some so-called high-end brands/designers. I treasure pieces like these!

    Elle, I am in love with your chic look! Thank you for being so inspiring! Wonderful pictures!

    1. Thank you Sheila,
      You have a fabulous eye, so i truly appreciate that! Yes, the quality of the best fashion houses, then and now is quite substantial. And I do agree that some high end designers do not finish their garments as well….
      I am so glad you enjoyed this love!
      xoxo, elle

  2. Oooh, this is truly classic with some very fun modern touches added. The coat fits like it was made for you – and it clearly was. Wouldn’t I love a wander through your local consignment shops! If I saw you on the street I would wonder, who is she?! – in the very best way.

    1. it was made for someone long ago who is my size now. you are so sweet, i would think the same of you- I think we would become instant friends.when you get to New York…..
      xoxo, Elle

    1. Thanks Love,
      welcome home. I am always so glad to hear from you! Thank you for your nice words, and lovely friendship!
      xoxo, Elle

  3. That is such a wonderful coat and love how you styled it with the barrette and jeans. Your lucky this would not fit me even though I am small I am tall so the arms would be too short so a lot of vintage does not work for me. But this is a true find!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. Thanks Allie,
      yes being small has it advantages,- the chilren’s clothes i bought this week is pretty fabulous– but i would love to be taller. You are perfect!
      xoxo, Elle

  4. As I mentioned before that coat is simply stunning! Now that I know the brand behind the coat I’m even more impressed.

    I think you might be the only person I know that would fit into some of the vintage pieces I have for sale. They are literally so tiny they only fit my 11 year old niece.


    1. Yes, a very lucky purchase. I have seen your items and am tempted by my waist has gone from 23.5 to 25….. so I am not sure. It is hard to not gain weight in the tummy on long term steroids… I know I am still small. will shop soon again.
      xoxo, Elle

  5. Oh my goodness that is such a beautiful coat, I’m amazed it was only $80! I wish I had great luck thrifting but I don’t see a lot of vintage or things I can fit into here! There was a fill a bag for $2 at our local opshop (thrift shop) today so I went and filled a bag, Nothing classy like this, but a few nice pieces! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! We all got outside to enjoy the sun a little today which was nice, after a tough day yesterday with an unwell toddler!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. A whole bag of clothing for $2 is amazing ! Plus you probably rescued those items from going to landfill and polluting..
      Great job!
      I am glad the wee ones are feeling better !
      xoxo, Elle

    1. Thanks, it is Balenciaga Paris, and fits so well. I appreciate that, i think I do have a good eye, but I so enjoy fashion.
      xoxo, Elle

  6. Elle,
    Yes, I think this is a good explanation that vintage pieces are fitting you well as you are indeed small and I think also that people in the past were smaller. Love your coat, the fit is definitely perfect! You added also perfect accesoires – your taste is simple unbeatable!
    Enjoy further the warm fall you have and thanks to your husband for the amazing photo.
    xx Rena

  7. I like the vintage plaid coat, it suits you very well. You look lovely as always. I’m glad you’re able to start bringing warmer clothes out for fall. It seems like I’m still stuck in summer. You look very chic.!!!

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