Exotic Garden Florals

It was a long, cold winter, and she dreamed of color all through the months. Specifically she dreamt of flowers,  in every shade that nature cold dish out.  She wanted them all; riots of roses, peonies, and wildflowers. She found them, of course, on velvet hangers, in her closet. Just waiting for the mercury to… Read More Exotic Garden Florals


Bold Winter Mix

Hello friends. I hope you are well. In New York, like many places , we are having a #decembersummer! . If you follow me on instagram , I posted a tree in bud on Lond Island. Talk about mixed up! Here are my ideas for bold pattern mixing, inspired by my last post. You know… Read More Bold Winter Mix


Winter Flowers

I am in cahoots with Nature: we are both sporting unlikley florals, defying the weather and the grey complacency of December. In the second week of December we have been graced with warm temperatures. What a sight to see flowers still in bloom, along side the lovely spectacle of Christmas lights. Inspired by this, I… Read More Winter Flowers