Exotic Garden Florals

It was a long, cold winter, and she dreamed of color all through the months. Specifically she dreamt of flowers,  in every shade that nature cold dish out.  She wanted them all; riots of roses, peonies, and wildflowers.

She found them, of course, on velvet hangers, in her closet. Just waiting for the mercury to rise.

This is not the season for a wall flower, she mused. This is the season of eclectic maximalism, her own cherished brand of style.

Time to switches tenses and splain myself!

I love the happy clash of floral patterns. The clash has to be rendered well, you want to avoid matchy-matchy, and you want an explosion of flowers, but not a deathly explosion.  I am inspired this year by Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci: they are pattern mixing,  like fashion icons on a mission!

I interpreted this look by adding pattern head to toe, keeping an eye on scale ( the blouse is small in scale, the skirt is large scale and a placement pattern, which makes it easier to mix). .Even the sunnies sported appliqued flowers. And a large statement necklace ensures the message that MORE is MORE.

After this floral feast I will be sated, perhaps and wear a simple peasant dress and simple mules, maybe a bandana to tie my hair back. Or maybe not. I think I like this Floral feast,

Until I see a real garden, with peat and petunias, stems and buds, I will settle for the garden in my closet.

Oh, and this look calls for tall shoes, very tall!  OMG can I really walk in these?- tall. Mine have whip stitch details, but are sold out. Floral shoes are great, as are stripes and appliqued shoes. For more style inspiration see my Polyvore post here.

For great florals you can check out TedBaker . Also remember, when possible-  shop SMALL and LOCAL. Happy Monday Loves!

Here are some shopping picks from my Polvore page.  Go to the page for links.

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