Embellishment: Challenge and Contest

Her mind was whirring tempestuously, even though her feet were planted firmly on the rocky path. What just happened, she wondered. To her chagrin and embarrassment, she wondered this aloud and to no one. Soon, it would be clear. She knew this fully. But for now she could not shake this eerie foreboding that something major was about to change..

The nice thing about being an independent blogger is that you can talk about whatever you feel like. There is no limit to what one can discuss when thinking about fashion, how one imagines things may change based on how we appear. Its true. And it is the stuff of glossy magazine and novels.

But it does not matter here. I am making this story up just because I wanted to. Now I want you to finish it. Whoever does this best, gets a prize. Really. A necklace. A nice one. Or a small hand bag, You choose. But first you must write.

I can’t wait to choose the winner, because I love sending gifts to friends. Now back to the mundane details of my OOTD. I am not wearing anything fancy. But my embellished jacket with the lace on the sleeves is s nice detail. I enjoyed adding this to my simple outfit. I also liked the color and softness of my racing striped bag. The tassel is done in pony hair which is as bristly as the leather is smooth. I love contrasts.

I also like that there is contrast to the jacket: the casual vibe of the denim, rendered sparkly and feminine with the black lace and beads. Contrast is what makes things interesting and substantial. Embellishment makes a simple thing more striking.

Some snaps of the bag and jacket sleeve:

This little bag is from Shoptiques, and online source that allows one to shop small boutiques from around the world. I love their merchandise , and also the fact that this helps the smaller merchant. My denim jacket is from Workshop, also a small chain of stores in Manhattan that curates beautifully.

Now back to the metaphorical; lets think about context. See the bag above and below. Does it not look different indoors on marble, and outdoors on pebbles?  I think so. YOU?

I based a Polyvore set around this outfit. Check it out here.  I love Polyvore! Here is a photo of the shopping links for inspiration.

Now get writing! I know there are some gifted writers among my followers. Consider it a contest for the holiday weekend! ( those in the US). The contest is for anyone, from any country.

Your comments make my day !