Why Good Accessories Matter !!

In this post I encourage what Refinery29 calls "bag twinning". It is a style habit of mine for almost 30 years, Wear two bags at a time, keeping one close . This small bag, Chanel, in my case, is what holds my credit cards, and keys- the essentials. Other items go in the larger bag. Never fumble for keys in the abyss of a large bag again. You can also avoid pickpocketing, and now can feel good about buying a few more bags! 🙂

Butterflies <3 Stripes

Happy Spring! It is warm on this spring day, but there is still dirty walls of snow. I am grateful for them though. I tripped over a bit of an uneven city street. and started to fall, propelling forward. I caught myself on a wall of snow, and no harm done. There is always a … Continue reading Butterflies <3 Stripes

Stripes & Laces

Whoa, it is cold here ( and there, too- extremes everywhere)  So this post dates back to last week, when the temps were in the balmy 30's. I am warm in many layers, ditching the ubiquitous parka for denim, fleece, and stripes. Everyone in the city is starting to look the same. Fur trimmed parka, … Continue reading Stripes & Laces