Stripes & Laces

Whoa, it is cold here ( and there, too- extremes everywhere)  So this post dates back to last week, when the temps were in the balmy 30’s. I am warm in many layers, ditching the ubiquitous parka for denim, fleece, and stripes.

Everyone in the city is starting to look the same. Fur trimmed parka, an over sized beanie with a fur pom pom,  and a plaid blanket scarf, wrapped hopefully against the cold. A cross body satchel completes this popular look. Its a great look,   BUT

I wanted to be lighter this day, last week, and less muted.

So I wore two layers of Cuddl Duds micro wear tees, ( a great gift from my sister!)  an H&M turtleneck tee, in a black and white stripe that perfectly echoed my Chanel cashmere scarf. The cold didn’t stand a chance.

Off to Duane Reade I brought my large satchel, so I would not need a plastic bag. I often forget to bring a reusable canvas bag, and then feel guilty when I have so much paper and plastic to recycle.

I wanted to get all of my vitamins and candy before the big storm. ( There was no storm, but it was cold). I admit it, I love candy. Almond Joys and chocolate Necco’s are my favs, and I know how to stock up before a cold snap! Why did you think I was carrying such a large bag? I also managed the newest copies of Vogue and Elle.  I am ready to hibernate!

Its a good bag that can carry two magazines, a wallet, my supplements, and a weekend’s worth of candy! I wonder how do you define a good bag? Okay, it has to look nice, too! Mine is the Chelsea tote by Florian London via Carnet De Mode. It is handsome, and beautifully crafted. It is, sadly, sold out in this color, but is available in red. A great choice too.

My lace up gloves are trendy, I suppose. But I have had them for almost 20 years, which is a miracle for me, since I often misplace one of a pair. These were a gift from my mom who passed many years ago. These, I will not lose. Ahead of the trend, my late mother gets the credit. In her own mystifying way she got everything right. I miss her everyday.

The ruby, white topaz and chalcedony ring came from Encore, as did my triple ply, Chanel cashmere scarf. A fraction of the price I tell you. A fraction! 🙂  

So despite the cold weather on it’s way, I am ready. My Audible library is loaded up with great novels, my Seamless account is at the ready, and I have all of my “necessaries” in my bag! Hubby has On Demand ready and I can’t wait to catch up on Downton Abbey. (I adore the styles and the jewelry from the era, as well as the superb writing!)     So I am a happy camper!

How do you prepare for bad weather,  and the prospect of being indoors for a long time? What are your “hibernation” tools?  Let me know! Happy week ahead, dear readers!

photo credit- Gerardo Vitale

XX, Elle                       @theellediariesnyc

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