Can you see me Now?

OK, how about Now? I am hiding under a lamp fringed with gold ropes and ribbons at Elite Home.

I love blogging. I think that is obvious. I have fun with my posts and take some time to share photos that are interesting, and often pretty. But you don’t see me. Now accurately, not completely, and that is okay. That is my intent, and most blogger’s intent too. I want you to see me in my the best light, literally and figuratively, and on my best days. I love to see how other blogger’s dress, to me it is fascinating and inspiring. 

The only blogger I know who will share even her bloopers is Greetje, at NO Fear of Fashion, a blogger I admire and consider a friend. Greetje posts her perfect photos, ( legs for miles ) along side some hilarious candids. Still , she is a pro, and her husband Ron is becoming quite an accomplished photographer.  Both of these things enhances her blog in my opinion. She is a very popular blogger, and has an impressively engaged group of followers. That to me is what defines a successful blog, by the way.

I was recently asked about being willing to receive a Liebster Award. Julia,  at The Velvet Runway recently asked me if I was up for the award. She understood completely when I demurred. ( She is a very good blogger, I hope you check her out.) I don’t like chain letter type things, but I do not mind sharing.

So in the spirit of the Liebster Award,  I will tell you things you may or may not know. I did a similar post recently, but then I changed to SquareSpace… before I could get to see, and respond to,  all of the comments..

1. I have a twin, we look a lot alike, and our voices are identical. She is more glamorous than I am. She is loyal, lively, and beautiful. I am lucky. We once traded classes, no one was the wiser.

2. As of today I am closer to 58 year old than to 57. I don’t fear aging, but getting closer to 60 is a smidge hard. You want to know this: I am careful to use the best light possible so I photograph well, and I edit with light to look younger ( exposure). I use Snapseed, and I used a vintage filter on the photo I opened with. It added a nice moody effect.  I do look quite young for my years, but I look a little older and less made up in person, unless the light is ideal, and that rarely happens- ( especially my hands).  I look taller in my photos due to a tiny angle adjust thanks to my photographer and to hubby. I also wear higher heels for photos than I would wear for everyday walking. I have not had any “work done”,  no fillers, or botox, butI hope to, and do not judge others who do. I DO use Skinceuticals products. ( disclaimer, my daughter works for this amazing division of L’Oreal, and their products are not miracle workers, but they help). I avoid the sun, as you have no doubt gather my by endless shots of pallor.

3. I am a super- careful person, with thin skin. Since you know I am a New Yorker perhaps that surprises you. My biggest concern in life is that I may insult someone. I apologize to everyone and sometimes, even,  to things. I have caught myself apologizing to my phone when I knock it off of it’s cradle. I am sure there is a diagnosis code in there somewhere.

4. Most of my clothes are second hand. Many of my clothes are older than my average reader. I was a professional off-price buyer when I was younger, so I really do know my stuff. I appreciate fine quality, and worry about fast fashion affecting our environment, and promoting harmful over consumption ( says the lady with 5 closets).

5. I have 5 closets, and I suppose I am a bit of a hypocrite. Since I keep my clothes so long they have to go somewhere. ( I rationalize) I also wear and love, hand me downs from friends.

6. I feel self conscious when I post luxurious looks,  even if they cost no more than a Zara outfit, which is often the case. Lately, I don’t mention the cost, because then I feel as if my readers will get frustrated that they can do get that item as that price.  I know, thin skinned. In fact I am

7. Thin everywhere. ( except upstairs? where I am average)  Sadly even my bones are thin, as I have osteoporosisfrom long term Prednisone use (corticosteroids) I drink “pond scum” green juice. (spinach, kale, parsley, cucumber,ginger). I think it helps my health which is uneven.  I love green juice! I am 5’2″,  but hope I look taller in my heels, and with the camera positioned to my advantage. I even stand on tippie toes in high heels.

8. I have a serious autoimmune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis. The means my body attacks cartilage, or anything made up of cartilage-like components, so this includes the windpipe, which can collapse,  and I will skip those details. It affects the eyes, the heart, and the cartilage in my ears and my nose, which could collapse . So, not only is my disease serious, it can be disfiguring.  OUCH! I have to delete some photos whee my eyes look a bit crossed, as my eyes do no work together as the team,  they are supposed to be. I am getting a hearing aide soon. But everyone has a life threatening disease, its called Life.    I carry on… What did you say?

9. I started my blog as an experiment to “picture myself well“. It has worked a bit, and keeps me from focusing on worrisome medical issues or the fact that the cranes can fall from the sky,  as well as sheets of bricks, and that the whole island of Manhattan may well be underwater when my kids are my age.  My disease is pretty well controlled which is medispeak for I am doing okey dokey, considering. I can speak like a doctor and read medical journals written for doctors. Anyone who is sick should be able to do the same.

10. I am optimistic. Huh? Yes, and am GRATEFUL everyday. All in all I consider myself a very lucky person,  am happily married for 30+ years and I have two lovely grown up children. A lot of the younger looks I post,  end up going to my daughter, or to my son’s sweet girlfriend. ( she and my son are both going for their PhD.s which means I may never see grandchildren-  so daughter that leaves you!) But,  I do have a dog named Lucy!! <3

11. I love reading, and can read on my iPad, but no longer can read novels.  My eyes get too wonky. I love to listen to books on Audible. I have read every published word – or listened to – that Jane Austen has written,  several times over. I used to read encyclopedias when I was a kid. But only when I was bored, as they were in my room.

12. I am having much more fun with my wardrobe now that I am blogging. In my twenties most of my wardrobe was grey, beige, or greige. My favorite places to shop are the consignment stores in Manhattan, eBay, Tradesy, and Poshmark. For jewelry I love KC signatures near me. ( I used to design jewelry, so I look for one of a kind pieces when I shop). I think buying certain kinds of jewelry can be a good investment.

13. I love to read and write poetry. I love to see anything that is beautiful, and that includes just most buildings in Manhattan.  I seldom go to museums because there is so much beauty everywhere, except for the construction sites. And even there, I like to see the orange and white cones. I get carried away easily and sometimes forget to stop.

14. So I am stopping here, Thanks so much for reading. Thank you Julia for getting me to do this sharing thing.

Oh, wait, can’t stop here.   How to look 20 years younger?  Stand right under a very bright lamp! This one had no shade, but lots of glorious gold chains falling like ribbons., and crystals beckoning light. Even my eyes look brighter.

Thanks for reading as always. Now it is your turn!  Fess Up! Oh, my red dress? $49.99.

XX, Elle                         @theellediariesnyc

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