Elegance Illuminated

I walked by their store window and was smitten. Near me is an oasis of luxurious lighting, home furnishings and every sort of lustrous decor elements.  I was thrilled to do a photo shoot there, inspired by the romance and drama of Valentine’s Day.

Above I am in a tall chair, upholstered in velvet damask. It has butterflies at the feet!  Hello, did somebody whisper sweet Valentine?

Warning, I am going to be sitting so much you may be reminded of Goldilocks and the three chairs, sans bears in this version.  However,  these chairs are Italian made with continental influences – French and Italian- and nothing is held back that could compromise comfort and quality. Yes, this chair is quite nice, maybe a bit tall.

Above is my favorite shot. One can get a glimpse of all of the beautiful furnishings in my sight line! My red dress is simple at first glance, but on closer inspection, you will find twists in the fabric, a small collar, and fabric that is cut and seamed in all of the right places! The gilded embellishment on the cabinet ( Art Nouveau?)  to my left is classical, ( cabinet designed by Roberto Cavalli) and it plays well with the design of my ring, although my ring has more of an Eastern flair. Both are feminine and organic.

Oh this heavenly marble topped table, it seats 12!

My white topaz necklace from KCSignatures is the perfect embellishment for this simple dress. The fan shaped necklace, punctuated by pearls and ending in a tassel of deep red rubies, is also complimentary.  This necklace is new piece but resembles a piece of art deco jewlery.

Everything seems to fit here; my red dress, my bold jewelry. They all recall times past, when craftsmanship was valued so highly, and mass production was not in practice. The furnishings are this way, too, at Elite Home, near me on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. While the store is overwhelming with brilliant choices, it is easy to see how each piece could fit well in an eclectic, and even a modern home.

An enormous Venetian mirror , over a large sectional sofa, in creamy chocolate leather? Yes, please! Thrown in a velvet chevron pillow or two ( yes red!) and call it home!

Sorry I got sidetracked, this is the sort of place that sends you.

How about this for a decorous and dramatic light source?

Ah, this chair sits low. It is Louis XV in style and is upholstered in a raw silk awning stripe, in black and white. THIS chair is just right!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day!  Do something nice for yourself! Let me know what you do!

Thank you to Sasha and Max from Elite Home, for lending me their gorgeous space and and moving all of the chairs around! Thank you to Kiki and Nina from KC Signatures for customizing all of my jewelry so that it fits just right. I value your amazing skills!  Thanks, too, to my friend Gerardo Vitale for photography. And thanks To Aracely Garcia for Hair and Make up!

Splendid TimesXX, Elle                     @theellediariesnyc





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