Make it Sparkle // Let it Shine

Valentine’s Day is coming. Whether you are in a relationship or not, I ask you to treat yourself. Take a little bit of time off, see an old Audrey Hepburn Film, ( Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s)  eat a pink cupcake. Or do as I do- Get your Sparkle On. My picks of Jewelry for this special occasion.

The jewels above are all from KC Signatures.com. This is my favorite place to shop for jewels. Summon your inner glam girl!  Some of their pieces are costume, costing as little as $15, but most pieces are between $200 and $600, and are made from semi precious stones, and precious stones, too,  many with some matrix, as you can see in the ruby necklace on the bottom right, which is a steal at $250! Each piece is lovingly hand crafted.

I love jewelry made with these kinds of stones, they are more causal, and have a rich organic feel. Most pieces are one of a kind. You will see me in many of these pieces in future shoots.  You can shop them on Instagram,  @kcsignatures, or visit one of their 2 Manhattan locations. Yes, that is me in myupcoming post, photo bottom left.

natural crystal statement choker &  mother of pearl, hematite,  white topaz necklace both $198.


My gorgeous collar of white topaz is set in sterling silver, and some of the stones have rich gold vermeil surrounding them. ( pics 4 & 6) This necklace could be on the Oscars, it is that beautiful. It is not available, as only one was produced, but it is similar to the white topaz necklace, set inblack rhodium plated sterling, with black enamel, and small beautifully cut smaller topaz stones around it, featured in the first, top left photo, and priced at $600.

The turquoise & pearl necklace has just sold- sorry!- it was $98. But there are plenty more to see!

You know I love to shop local, and shop small. You also know I shop SMART. One of their stores in dangerously close to me! I also want to feature another store ( disclaimer- my nephew is the buyer). It is the Fifteen Dollar store.Com, and as you have already surmised, every thing is $15 ! I bought am amazing slip dress from there two years ago, that I hope to post soon!

This is NOT a direct from China Store!

Okay, I have given you the best shopping tips, really I know my jewels!  I am not compensated in any way for this post, I am just sharing my enthusiasm! Shop small, give large!

Ladies do your thing, Clickety Click!

Have a wonderful day!   XX, Elle                   @theellediariesnyc

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