Slip dress: Romantic and Utilitarian

I am a life-long fan of the slip dress. I believe that simplicity is a great thing. To slip something over your head, and be dressed , is a godsend. The right slip dress is key: it should skim your body, but not be too revealing. It should be lined at the top if you want to go outside. You can add an extra slip if you choose, depending on the weight of the fabric.  It should have a slit for walking, unless it is an A-line. It should be silk. 

Utilitarian? Odd thing, but yes!  A good slip dress moves with you, and always feels like a whisper of softness against your skin.  These photos were shot after the blizzard, and my lights were flickering.  I was expecting neighbors for wine and cheese, so I paired this slip dress with a vintage Chanel jacket. I checked and replaced the bulbs. I did not want to have the lights go out during a social occasion.

The lights still flickered. I thought I was imagining it at first, but then others confirmed it. I asked my doorman if this happening to anyone else. NO, was his response. So while I waited for the electrician to come up,  I looked for candles.  Maybe a power outage was imminent. This was a bit of exercise. I took off my vintage Chanel jacket, and made use of one of my sterling candelabras.

I originally planned to wear this dress with a longer jacket, maybe menswear patterned, or even leather,  but the result was static cling! That is a no-no when wearing something that is form fitted to begin with. I added a beaded and floral necklace for a touch of whimsy, and a bit of coverage. The necklace was a great find at Encore on Madison.

My shoes were sequinned, ankle-straps and divinely comfortable.

My ring is a large cocktail ring from my very favorite place ( remember the jewels I wore in my Perfect Fit post, set in the holiday house ) This ring is from there, KC Signatures. My Chanel jacket is now vintage, I bought it years ago on eBay. It is shot through with a bit of metallic silver, that looks well with the chevron, sequinned shoes.

The lights stayed on, but continued to flicker, as my neighbors arrived , and hubby and I got to visit with them. How lovely it is,  to finally learn more about your neighbors than their apartment number!

Snowstorms and their aftermath can sometimes be a good thing.

I decided to keep a single , 3 light candelabra lit. I have a pair, but the single one was just right.
The glow of candlelight set a lovely mood and cast pretty shadows around the room, until finally, after our guests left, I blew them out like birthday candles.

So there you have it. A bit of style advice on wearing A SLIP DRESS,  , and some visual snippets from my Manhattan home. I must say it was quite nice to do a post indoors! Thank you to Gerardo Vitale for photos and help with my lights!

Today it was almost 60 degrees, and there is little evidence of the recent blizzard. Today, I could have worn that slip dress and jacket outside,  without fear of “puddle slush”  making a mess of the hem and sequinned shoes.

How was your weekend? It is your turn to share!

Splendid Times!      XX, Elle                                 @theellediairiesnyc




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