Suit Up

Hello friends. I took advantage of last week’s weather to take some photo’s indoors. This look features a suit, in the strictest sense of the word: black trousers and a black jacket. But beyond that,  my look diverges from anything Brooks Brothers.

My sequinned blouse has puffed sleeves, and a bow made out of tulle.

Could you ask for a more feminine piece? No, that is why I added cognac hued brogues, with a heel of course. The pants are cropped, they would be 3/4 length on most , but on me,  they skim the top of my ankles. I got these around the corner at Urban Outfitters. They are now on sale!

I added color and a bit of an edge with my tweed and leather, fingerless gloves. I love these, they are comfortable and keep my fingers free to text, handle cash, get a Metrocard, and all of the little things that are a hassle when wearing regular gloves. They are by Carolina Amato, via Fox’s UES location at 86th in Manhattan.

My tweed cap adds a tomboy vibe.

A snap of the blouse by Peter Som via Encore at Madison Avenue. This link is shoppable, btw! The bow is set in place by a vintage fur or shoe clip, from Ralph Lauren almost twenty years ago.

Checking my reflection before I leave the house. ( Do I have lipstick on my teeth?) Why does that so often happen? !

Okay, now I wondering. I can count three of you, off the top of my head,  who knows my coat is Dolce & Gabbana just by the snippet of lining seen in photo 2. Eagle eyes, hats off! But you also know I got it greatly reduced somewhere, right? 

Right! I just don’t remember where it was… Which is why I checked my teeth, they did indeed have a bit of #7, Lingerie Pink., my favorite shade of YSL lipstick.  Now, for those curious…

I did a Polyvore post so you can shop my look.

The links are below, but they are clickable only on my Polyvore page.

After photos were taken I went out to get fresh flowers, and then visited my neighbos who had a small party for friends in the building.   When the weather is lousy,  is is great to wander down the hall and hang out.  It was so nice to meet my neighbors1! They served great food and wine. New Yorkers make great neighbors, by the way, and contrary to what you might think.

Now the weather is lovely. It was beautiful here in New York, and I know it has been mild many places. Today was a great day for a long city walk, and a bit of shopping. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, right?

I hope you are enjoying your week, Friday is almost here!

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? It is a Hallmark Holiday for sure, and I have mixed feelings about it, but it is a good excuse to look at jewelry. OH, heck, who needs an excuse! Tell me your thoughts!

XX, Elle                        @theeellediariesnyc




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