City Walk

Hello Thursday! I hope this is a good one for you! I am taking a stroll near my home. The sun is out and under my hat, it is shady and cool.

I am warm because my sweater is faux fur. i bough it last year from Zara. I just saw a toddler walk by and point at my boots. I wonder what that bundle of cuteness was thinking !

I am starting fresh on SquareSpace. I really like it so far. I know some of you out there wondered what on earth I have been doing. 🙂  I am strolling, but don’t be deceived, I am a busy little person.

I am tempted to buy a Fitbit to keep track of my steps. How fun would that be! I am wearing an  sash around my neck, with an Hermes ring at the knot. How to upcycle an old wardrobe staple! My boots were bought second hand!

I had some fun photographing my hat. I am so easily amused! 

I am loving my new bucket bag. I generally avoid this shape, because things settle to the bottom, and I am always searching for my errant lipsticks.. But so far, so good with this one. Does this every happen to You?

I hope all is well. Almost Friday! 🙂

Outfit details

Bag: Reece Hudson via Bergdorf Goodman,  available still in camel and 1/2 price!

Faux fur sweater, older from Zara. 

Denim: Paige, thrifted in Long Island.

Hermes scarf ring was a gift. Try Hermes or Ebay, or Vestaire Collective.

Hat via Laila Rowe

Boots, Frye, via Encore on Madison Avenue.

Find a sash in your closet for a neck tie!

Photos by Geraldo Vitale

XX, Elle


37 thoughts on “City Walk

  1. You look fantastic in this modern metropolitan outfit, Elle! It has something very sophisticated … a perfect choice of accessories as well…The bag is really cute ! I often find bucket shapes not very comfortable too, so I am glad to read that … your serching in this bag is not too hard !! :-)Have a great weekend …

  2. I really love this outfit. The hat is greatThe boots at the right touch of funk

    and I love love the bag from Bergdorf’s.

    As usual another beautiful vignette of clothing , accessories,, layering composition and Texture Churros Elle 🌸

  3. I don’t know what the toddler was thinking when he saw your boots Elle but I think omg they look so rad. I like your new layout and glad you like SquareSpace. To move a blog isn’t easy. Glad it worked. Happy Friday!

  4. Elle,I really love your new bag – the bucket shape is wonderful and I’m not baffled you made in this case an exception 🙂 As usual your look is perfect and I would have been also pointed to your shoes are they are amazing! Enjoy your weekend!xx from Bavaria/Germany, Renawww.dressedwithsoul.com

  5. Dem boots are made for walking and you sure werkin it well, Elle. You look wonderful in the city. 🙂


  6. Hello, Elle! I was looking for your recent post on improving your blog, but instead I was directed to a lovely new blog layout! These are some vary fabulous boots! Also, Allie from Allie NYC and I were talking about doing a small blogger get-together next week– would you be interested in joining us?

    1. Yes, i switched to Squarespace, but I am not too tech savvy.. I am glad you were directed to the new site. Thanks, I like the boots too; a pair that the city will not chew up!And yes, I would love that! ! I will email you both later!xx, Elle

    1. AW thanks! Yes, I am always unpredictable. each day is new!So get yourself some boots! Ha, as if you don’t own many pairs..love you.

  7. Very stylish, Elle! I love the hat and also adore the idea of a fur sweater – I know Vionnet did mink version last year and I thought it sounded so luxurious (though I’d happily settle for a faux one, too 🙂 ) – can only imagine how wonderful it is to the touch and to actually wear. x

    1. Yes, I think I know the one you re referring too…heaven~ This one is pretty soft, though.. I was not ready to wear a jacket!xx, Elle

  8. Love the look, the photos in the center are so cool as well, and those boots capture the feminine and masculine side with the distressed look plus the sparkles! love them, The accessories are added style with the hat and love the detail on the bucket bag I have looked at some as well, and lose things all the time in my bags, regardless of size!

    jess xxwww.elegantlydressedandstylish.com

    1. Jess, I am so glad I am not alone in the bucket bag abyss!UGH! Thank you for your kind words. I hope you are well.xx, Elle

  9. The computer does not remember me logging in. Which means I have to give full details every time I want to comment. That is something you do not want to ask your readers.The Google+ possibility to create your log-in/profile gives an error. And where is your Disqus possibility??? I am on Bloglovin but never use it. It is for my readers who do use it.Greetje

    1. Dear Greetje, I have that problem with other sites, and it is annoying! Thank you for bringing it to my attention! I am new on SquareSpace I will research it and have these issues addressed! Thanks so much for this. XX, Elle

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