I Will go with TREAT!

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate! I am not in costume today, other than my “city housewife” costume, if you will. These shots were taken in the dark, under a single radiating light- source.

Light has an ethereal  beauty and sometimes  mystical quality when the backround is dark. I thought that these images would be a fun post for the season and Halloween . In the dark you will only see my silhouette , a bit of spicy print from my belled sleeve, and a couple of statement rings, that definitely go under the category of treat! And a leaf or two, tis the season.

My amber ring came from Mexico, and because it was handcrafted there, it was relatively inexpensive. It is I believe , one of a kind. A Ghost had better not take off with it. The green ring is a collectible antique, from the Edwardian era, with no repairs, all stones intact.. The stones are paste- not real– but there is value in that piece of history and the beauty of the design, and the workmanship.

This elaborate ring is also one of a kind from the Peacock Throne, near me. Imagine if the emerald were real, now that would be a treat, but not one my wallet could afford! As it is, I love it!  Below, I am in the dark.  Do I hear a ghost or a rustle of leaves. Leaves, yes, I hope so!

Enjoy your night, be safe, and whenever in doubt– eat candy!  I wish you many treats!

XX, Elle

Photos by Geraldo Vitale

34 thoughts on “I Will go with TREAT!

  1. Elle,You look more beautiful than ever. I love the new format. The Halloween photos are so artistic and I love the header "I’ll take treat!"-so clever!Lorraine

    1. Thanks so much Lorraine! I am still woking out the kinks of the new space. But so far so good. Great o hear from you!xx, Elle

  2. Hi dear Elle!I am super impressed by the new layout/design of your blog! Such an interesting change and quite unique, I might say too!Love the first picture! It looks like it could be a cover of a Rock’n’Roll magazine – I think it gives a bit of a Queen vibe! You look amazing, even though, all I can see is your silhoutte!Today your blog was by far the best one I visited! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Maddie! I am so glad to hear you like the changes! It is hard for someone by age to be agile with technology… I am also happy with those photos, a nice vibe, and i like that you can not really see me, for a change. The light is the feature, here!Love, Elle

  3. Did you change your blog design? I like it! And love the moodiness of the photos. And it must be nice to travel and pick up these little treasures.

    Allie of ALLIENYCallienyc.com

    1. Yes, I changed everything , I started fresh on Squaresspace . One ring was purchase 3 blocks away, and I wish I could say I travel often.. I don’t. Buy i so enjoy going to new places, and was happy to find that ring in Mexico. Shopping in pesos is ouchless !I am so glad you like the layout, I am so non tech savvy, and I love your layout, you can see right away that you are pro.!xx, Elle

    1. ! wanted to light and shadow to be the featured look for these shots. and I did let the rings peek out, too pretty to hide. Have a great week, love.x, elle

    1. Thanks! switching to Squarespace from wordpress was a bit of a challenge for this low tech lady… so much to learn!xx, Elle

  4. Breathtaking photo’s my friend. It was definitely a treat to receive these. And I’m greatly impressed with your new layout with your blog. Did you do this all on your own?

    1. Thanks Trina! No, not on my own, I am afraid my tech skills are not that impressive, I have a tutor I use, and it took me some time, but I felt i wanted a nicer looking blog. I think this new one has more personality . I did do the landing page on my own ( the collage). I am starting to learn Photoshop finally, and I am so looking forward to that. Happy week my friend!xx, Elle

  5. Gorgeous photos , you always have the most lovely unique to find rings. Love it and your taupe polish!jess xxwww.elegantlydressedandstylish.com

  6. I have no idea why I stopped receiving your email notifications. I have missed so much, Elle. I thought you were on a blog break. I’m glad something sparked me to search on my own. This is a hauntingly, beautiful post. I love it. Very creative and editorial. Reminds me of Baroque art. The light shines exactly where our eyes need to look. I always go crazy in purchasing jewelry in Mexico. I can’t wait for my next visit.

    1. No worries Glenda! I switched from wordpress to squarespace, and that caused some hiccups. I am so glad you like this. I am really happy with this post too. I have a lot of creative energy, hence the blog ( and home decor, and prior jewelry making and mosaic work…)Thank you for you kind words, that means a lot to me, as you must know.much love, Elle

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