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Spring Mix: Springy with a side of Snow

The Spring Mix: What a season, right? One day there is snow on your sidewalk pansies, and the next it is in the mid eighties! Today I wear a mixed outfit with pieces that span many seasons.

My Spring mix !

mixed patterns for Spring Mix

_______ Floral silk dress, sim here, here, (swoon Fendi)  and here as mine was bought at LVIS for $6.00. This dress is cut on the bias so it is flattering, and I love the simple style of it. My denim trench is an old eBay find, and there are similar ones here  and here. Beaded Bee brooch here . _______

Layer a silk dress with a long sleeve tee and wear it into winter with leggings and camo boots. If, I mean when- of course-  Spring comes, add a hoodie or cardi, and you are good to go. GO, GO, GO !

Below a couture version with similar colors just for show.  A spring mix of florals on chocolate-brown, yes please!  Thanks Fendi for showing us the way.

Fendi floral silk dress

By the way,  it is fun to make nice with a school bus. Below I am sporting my eclectic #OOTD on the street!

Denim trench coat on model

You remember this look on Instagram I bet. I am always there first. Sorry for the delay, life is happening!

These color blocked maryjanes are fun to wear. When in doubt, go for a school girl vibe!  As a girl, ahem, who is approaching sixty-  I say why not!  See a closer photo below.

Bee brooch

So I know universally we are at odds with the ever-changing weather. What to wear? We get 30 degree temperature swings in one day ! The key of course, is a strict cocktail hour regimen ( which I can not partake of– wha ! ) for coping, and layers as a style strategy. Trench coats can save the day.  AND they are trending. Now for a true Spring look check  here.

Ah- the Spring mix of flowers, snow, ice, rain, sleet, and finally, FINALLY sunshine !



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36 thoughts on “Spring Mix: Springy with a side of Snow

  1. I still love that trench you are wearing! We get a very sunny and warm week here in the Netherlands. Very strange, as it is pretty cold today! Have a great start of the week!

  2. To suggest our weather sucks is a massive understatement. All weekend we’ve had freezing rain mixed with snow. It’s a big skating rink outside! Much more of this and the whole of Toronto will need antidepressants.

    We were “teased” with one brilliant day last week and the rest has felt like winter. So. damn. tired. of. this.

    I love your eclectic mix of textures and colours. I really like those shoes. They are cute and look comfy. Where did you get them at?

    I’m a fan of the jean trench and have done quite well selling them in my shop too. They are a classic that works with everything.


    1. Indeed a massive overstatement! It got so hot one day, I had to leave my co-op for an air conditioned hotel, then it dived back into the forties!
      Yes, denim trench love!
      Happy week friend.
      ❤️ Elle

  3. Such a fun springy look, Elle! I would never have put all these lovely pieces together, particularly your creative neckwear and the socks/shoes combo (which I’m slightly afraid of, myself). You’re a breath of fresh air in the gloom!

  4. Your outfit is incredible – so fun and creative! I love your denim trench, and these shoes with socks are fantastic! Love your improvised tie with a floral dress – so unique! I hope Spring will stop messing about, what a hooligan, and soon will come to stay. Warmest hugs!

    1. Leave it to you to find the perfect word for this weather! I am so glad you like what I am wearing. I can see you in a similar outfit!
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Thanks so much Marisa!
      I do march to my own drummer it seems..
      Have a great week and sad, thanks for finding me here!
      ❤️ Elle

  5. I just love it that you go for a school girl look and easily tell us you’re approaching 60 in kind of the same sentence. That is what I call self-confidence girl! Good job. Same goes for the outfit. It looks very good on you. Love, Lieske

  6. I ADORE this entire outfit…and the name that springs to mind – and I hope this doesn’t sound derogatory because it is meant in the most complimentary way – is “depression era chic.” Do you know what I mean? The bias-cut brown floral dress, the slouchy socks with the the platform Mary Janes…even the denim overcoat. I hope you get what I mean by that because I think it is so so charming!


  7. Bettye,
    I do get what you mean. You are correct, I think and I appreciate how well tuned into trends you are and also how articulate you are. I do think this has a retro vibe and perhaps a more toned down version of Gucci’s expensive mash ups , modeled by twiggy models made up to look like homely librarians…
    Or something!!
    ❤️💙 Elle

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