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Summer in Winter: Spring Trends for 2018 Pop!

Summer in Winter ?

Yes, it appears so. Four days ago the temperatures reached into the high 70s! I went to the rooftop terrace and relished the sunshine!

Summer in winter style

It did indeed feel like summer in winter! You can guess I wore my SPF that day!

What an unlikely weather event! We are learning to expect unlikely weather, however. Don’t you agree? It was snowing in Seattle that day, and unseasonably warm in other parts of the country.

I wore asymmetrical hemmed denim, available on sale here ( you are welcome!) with an 80s shoulders blouse in vivid floral. Floral patterns and abundant femininity are one of many Spring Trends for 2018. Flowers of all kinds graced the runways for Spring/Summer 2018.

Denim, in a unique variety of designs inlcuding patchwork, paneled and embroidered looks is also a go-to highlight of Spring trends for 2018. I am so glad that these fabulous jeans are available now for 14.99! Act fast!  ( I do not get any sort of compensation for this recommendation, but I would be remiss not to alert you as a dedicated blogger !)  Please check out this photo of the denim and cool Hush Puppies loafers, that do resemble Gucci, but are not!

denim trends for 2018

Below a shot of the 80s shoulders and punchy floral blouse I wore.

blogger wears 80s shoulders blouse

This blouse reads spring celebration to me! Can you feel the summer vibes?

Certainly I was thrilled to pull out my green intrecciato handbag, a leather weaving process made famous by Bottega Veneta. The lightweight bag was purchased on sale, a few years ago from a local boutique and is made in Canada. I wore some sparkly bling that caught and reflected the sunlight.

Photos of the details were taken  indoors however, so you could see all of the wardrobe accruements for my #OOTD.

green intrecciato bag

The knotted earrings are about 40 years old and were my mother in-law”s. You have seen them here. Details are clearer in this shot. Both bracelets are costume and fit my tiny wrist!

Below see the statistics for the Summer In Winter day! This is in Manhattan.summer in winter day chart

 Blue ruffled booties with delicate studs gave me 3 extra inches of height and were fun to wear. Ruffles are another example of Spring trends for 2018. I did not realize how many trendy elements I was wearing that day and I admit that I dressed hurriedly that day so I could get outdoors!  I purchased the blouse at consignment , and I think it is vintage. There is no label. Love the fun puff of the 80s shoulders!

My blue suede booties, also bought second-hand,  in my bountiful closet.

blue ruffled booties

The CHANEL sandals are up cycled from consignment, as are most of the other shoes you see. The rest are from eBay .

Later that day I went to the financial district  with my family to see a wedding venue for my son who is recently engaged! It was quiet there. Everyone, I believe was in Central Park that day, or shopping downtown near Canal Street!

photo of financial district

I hope you are well! I know so many are ill with the flu, the mercurial weather patterns can encourage illness, so please be careful.




Denim from here. Green intrecciato bags here, here, and here.You will find all of the bags are second-hand and all  are from Bottega Veneta. Similar blouses are here, here from River Island , and here in a  fabulous striped version.

Sending LOVE from NYC!

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36 thoughts on “Summer in Winter: Spring Trends for 2018 Pop!

    1. Thanks dearest Greetje!
      Yes, I am always a bit unpredictable, predictability!
      I’m annoyed with myself that I did not show the green bag very well. It has a wonderful tassel at the end and I was not able to capture that detail. Oh well. Perfection is not my thing.
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Thank you so much. It is very exciting. She is the loveliest girl and her family is also very special. I do have to wait about 20 months for the wedding but we are very excited !
      ❤️ Elle

  1. Congratulations to your son. That will be an event I’m sure.

    We’ve been having unusually warm weather for Feb for Ontario too however we’ve been getting rain along with it so it isn’t ideal walking weather. I’ll take the rain any day over snow though.

    Love the green bag and the beret!


    1. Thank you very much Suzanne, I really appreciate that. I agree with you also. I much prefer rain to snow. I traveled home during the cyclone bomb. There’s a post for you!
      ❤️ Elle

  2. Oh, sunshine! And your outfit to match the day – perfect. I wouldn’t want to go back indoors for fear it would disappear. I’m glad you had this respite. Vancouver has had heavy snow this week, but, tra-la, I’m hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop when I go out. And a wedding to plan and attend, how exciting!! Spring is definitely coming. I keep telling myself that.

    1. Ah, no one tra la las, quite like you, friend.
      And indeed, I did feel just like that … great minds…
      ❤️ Elle

  3. How nice you got to experience some warmer weather in winter! It’s been a strange summer here, we had a super cold day a couple of weeks ago (coldest summer day in 100 years!) and now it’s back to heatwaves and humidity – not normal weather at all for the end of summer!

    Hope you have had a great weekend. We had a quiet one with all the wet weather!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Mica,
      Yes it appears the weather has been strange virtually everywhere. And to top it all off, I traveled home through the cyclone bomb. Flying through that was not particularly fun !
      ❤️ Elle

  4. It’s fun to have these warm days….I think. I always wonder if it’d be easier to plod along winter with the cold and snow with gradual warming, but since we don’t get control, you might as well take advantage of these days!!”
    Such a lovely look, Elle!!

    1. It has been a while since the weather has been predictable. But I do love it when a summer day visits unexpectedly!
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Thanks Patti!
      Yes I remember that frigid day, It was wonderful to be in the sunshine. Have a great week ahead.
      ❤️ Elle

  5. First, best wishes to your son! How exciting! Elle, I love the colorful blouse, reminding me that Spring is near! I did read about your adorale loafers, sweet! They do look like Gucci.!What caught my eye as well, was your marvelous green bag! wow, the detail is so pretty and this color green surely says Spring! You always have the best accessories and look beautiful as always!
    Enjoy vacation!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks Jess!
      I really appreciate that and I am also very excited for them. This shade of green would be a fabulous color on you.
      ❤️ Elle

  6. Love the blue boots. Happy to read ruffles are still totally fashionate, since I have got quite a love for them. Thanks for bringing us a bit of spring. We can use that in Switzerland….cold and snowy this week. Love. Lieske

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