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On Vacation: Time for Time Off !

Hello lovely readers, I am on vacation!

beautiful sunset during drive

I will back this weekend, and cant wait to be in some warm weather. The cold rain continues here in New York.

Spring Flowers in Autumn

Hubby and I are off to the beach with our son and fiancé! I will wear a mask so I do no catch the flu. 

I will post a a bit on Instagram, and will do some blog reading there! Yay, I can catch up in the sun, under the umbrella of course, with SPF!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! It has been a while that I have been on vacation, and never with my son’s lovely fiancé !

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32 thoughts on “On Vacation: Time for Time Off !

    1. I did. Thanks.
      I agree, not so lovely…but I did travel home during the cyclone bomb!
      Now that …
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Thank you Flo!
      I very much appreciate that. I did have a wonderful time and indeed I came home the very same shade of pale!
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Indeed, sunshine is a very rare commodity in Manhattan where the buildings are so tall they block out the sun, even when it’s shining. I had a delightful time with my family. I wish you a wonderful week ahead !
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Yes I completely agree. I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed it. Thank you for reading my post ! I hope you can go away soon also .

  1. How lovely to be going to a warm destination for a holiday, its like -11 degrees in Berlin and I would looooove to be doing this! Enjoy! ( :

    1. I am so glad it’cooling off little bit there . I am home now and really enjoyed being away with my family
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Thanks Rena,
      That is very sweet. I really did enjoy my time away. But I am also very happy to be home!
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Thanks Angel !
      I did have a wonderful time and I thank you. I will share the photos of my trip soon. Have a great week!
      ❤️ Elle

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