#TBT- Slipdress on the Beach

I am tired of the cold.  To remedy this, I am not going on vacation. ( well not this week!)  I will simply do a post where I am pictured at the bay beach almost 3 years ago. 

Warm air, cool water, a slip of a dress and rocks under my feet.

How I miss the ease of summer dressing. Slipping on a silk dress is as simple as getting undressed! And sliding into mules is also that simple.  I can ride my bike to this beach, and enjoy the day reading a good book!  Everything is so much easier in the summer, and this week, with the wind and snow, I am reminded starkly of the difference.

So I am throwing it back today. Happy to remember warm days , which I know will be here again if I am patient. Speaking of slip dresses, they are trending as you know. If I wanted to wear this today, I could. I would just add tights and boots, then layer on a sweater and a parka.  A scarf and gloves would be helpful too. Slip dresses are super practical and easy to wear.

You will see you me in another one soon. Are you fan of the trend? Or are you like me, and have always had these as a wardrobe staple.

Have a great night. We are sliding into Friday as I type this!

Splendid Times xx, Elle                    @theellediaries

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