Portrait of A Blizzard

Depending on your perspective, the blizzard of 2016 was a treacherous tragedy, a nuisance, a bounty of leisure, or a thing of beauty. I am opting for the latter.

I will start at the beginning, a city dressed in an ethereal layer of white.

Like any other place dowsed by snow, it was hard to dig out. By the time all of the snow collected and settled, it was no longer pristine. But the bight white was still there, a nice contrast to the empty grey skies that came before.

 The familiar landscape has morphed into some thing else.  Something thing a bit dreamer. Something we don’t think of in the busy busy days of city life.

Still, this is a bustling, interdependent city that is overly crowded. The city fared well, but not flawlessly. There is a gas leak as we speak, near me, in fact. I smelled it when I left for errands today, and decided to take my errands uptown.

  I came home to emergency vehicles,  hazard warnings, sirens; all of the things one learns to swiftly tune out.  An explosion is probably unlikely, but still possible.  And this is the thing I say to my husband after he returns from an 11 hour day. Ah, this city.

This turbulent, tremulous lion of a city. Such a changeling. Its landscape is always re-weaving itself. And we, who live here, can only shake the ice from our boots and walk home.

How did you fare my friends? Did you miss the storm’s path, or do you have your own story to tell? If you do, please share!


XX, Elle                    @theellediaries

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