Featuring a Two Dollar Dress!

What can you buy for two bucks?  A bar of soap, a candy bar,  a bit of scrap ribbon? Well, if you are a good shopper, and go to thrift stores, you can buy a pleated, lace trimmed floral maxi. It is vintage, but back in style and barely worn.

You can see the print best in the photo above. The lighting was a bit off that day, I was in a courtyard, so I was outside, but sort of inside, too. The outdoor light, boxed out by the inner brick walls.

I added a bold cuff , a simple black choker, ( free, because it was the cord around a big box) and some fierce shoes I scored at Poshmark. I think these add-ons made this dress look current, and providedsome needed contrast to the floral and lace sweetness.

I love the freedom of this almost maxi dress. The skirt is full, and I can walk with long strides and sit any way I choose, and still be ladylike. I actuality prefer this maxi dress to the newer incarnations which seem to always have a cut out or a slit.  A bit of modesty is great. I am holding on to this one.

The skirt is full if I put my hands in my pocket and reach outwards a bit, showing off the pleats and sweet sweep of floral printed fabric.

If I pull the skirt inwards a bit, which I would do on a busy sidewalk,  the sweep dress yields a much narrower silhouette. If you look closely you will catch me standing on tippie toes!

If I were to add a bag to this floral dress ensemble, it would be a simple textured clutch, probably one in black crocodile. Below, I get my a bit of sunshine and vitamin D! Now you can really see the full pleating and my hair professionally curled and styled by Shelly ( 347-256-1840) .

Behind me is my co-op lobby, so I did not travel far for this shoot!

Thank you to Geraldo Vitale for photos.

I bough this dress ant LVIS in East Hampton .  If you shop at thrift stores you may be amazed at what you might find.  I know Many of you shop this way. I shop retail, too, but try to keep my purchases to small businesses and local ones. My bracelet cuff is from Kc Signatures, as is my necklace, which is not seen will here, You will see it again, though!

No links for this post, just a recommendation to think about shopping this way, and see how you do. There is always Ebay, Poshmark, and Etsy for good vintage clothes.

Happy mid-week my lovelies!



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