Dress UP: the lingerie trend

You know I have a penchant for dressing up. Yes, I love my skinny jeans and cargo shorts, but when it is steamy hot,  I like to wear lighter fabrics and and summer-bare silhouettes. Enter the lingerie trend. Enter Samantha & I, indoors where it is cool! ( and not raining!! )

Samantha is wearing a yellow and pink lace skirt from Dolce and Gabanna. I paired it with an embellished “tattoo” print cami, to carry on the lingerie theme, and to add a bit of punk, with the black lace to give it some definition. Here strappy shoes, were the perfect choice in black.

My dress in filmy beige guipure lace is similar to a Valentino dress from 5 years back. I added a ruby tassel necklace to give it a dash of color,  and an up -to -date feel. My super tall heels make me almost as tall as Samantha! ( I could only wear them a block or two- if they only had a block heel!)

I added crocodiles gloves for a touch of drama; I love wearing rings on the outside of my gloves. I styled us with fun- but high end pieces, often bought at consignment,  and some metal bags for an more organic, yet glittery vibe.

A close up of Sam’s bag, ring and skirt:

Samantha and I had such fun with this shoot ! Grand Sichuan Eastern, was so gracious about hosting us. Of course we dined there afterwards;  I recommend the Braised Whole Fish with Hot Bean Sauce, Camphor wood & Tea Smoked Duck. Pumpkin soup to start , or Asparagus with Crab Meat Soup. Delish!

The Lingerie Trend has been here a while. Here is a great photo essay of the best looks.

From Women’s Wear Daily, see the headline announcing this trend last year.

By Laurent Folcher

Sleep no more? Chiffon, satin and lace — along with lots of skin — were all over the Paris runways as lingerie-inspired slipdresses, baby-doll minidresses, sheer nightshirts, rompers and lacy T-shirts with built-in molded bra cups went from in the bedroom to on-trend.

Some shots from the shoot: these are not perfectly alike in terms of lighting, and I took some artistic license with editing. But blogging is more art than science, NO?

On the way to the restaurant, shielded by scaffolding, one by one. Me, in my flats, during the trek.

Below, Samantha has both bags, and all of the jewels-  while I change into my 5 inch YSL platforms! Bejeweled is a look she does very well!   Something tells me she will have good luck with diamonds in her future!

I almost deleted this overexposed shot. But I was curious, and intrigued.

Using Snapseed by Google I played with the editing tools and got these:

As am image, pure and simple, this not not make the grade, yet I like the washed out look, so that the necklace and gloves stand out. Further, it emphasizes how I feel walking around in NY: slightly invisible with all of the anonymity, clouded out by noise, hustle and what feels like colorful momentum.

But I love what came out of the editing of Samantha’s side of the photo. Here is it a shot, that by it’s nature, leaves out detail. Yet, it seems to suggest a better, and more reliable impression. Certainly a more artistic one.

And then this shot, taken by Geraldo Vitale ( edited by me) is my favorite. I styled this shoot carefully, and Gerardo had a great handle on what I was going for. Too bad it is not full length, but I blinked and the sidewalk was dirty. But you would never know it ….. This shot, I am proud of.

So that concludes the photo shoot. Are you a fan of lace? How do you wear it? The lingerie trend, how do you incorporate it, or do you, even? Leave your wise words in the comment section my lovelies!

To Shop this look:

these are the brands we are wearing:

KC Signatures does have a very similar necklace in stock. My dress had no label when I found it at a thrift store in Bridgehampton, ( I do that, too, they itch me) so I do not know the maker, other than it was made in Italy, and is silk. Here are some nice dresses that are similar.

The closest match to Samantha’s yellow and pink Dolce skirt is here and here from Farfetch.com. My metal mesh bag, and both of our headbands came from JustFab , but there is a $100 minimum price there.

The lace trimmed cami is still available at Medusa in Easthampton. My YSL Platforms are no longer available but I love these Gucci heels on eBay; I hope they are someone’s size! My crocodile gloves are from Neiman’s years ago, similar here .

I hope you like this look and come away inspired. Remember this trend can be as daring or as conservative as you wish. Slip dresses and skirts come in all lengths, but they are always luxurious to wear! Happy Tuesday! 


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