Summer Maxi Dress for the Beach

Happy Monday Loves! I hope you were blessed with the same weather that I am enjoying of late. I wore a black maxi for a beach stroll, and for lunch later nearby, overlooking the water. I choose all black,  a simple necklace, t-straps with gems, and straw hat of course.

I bought the appliquèd straw bag, right across the street at Anna and Around Again, just an hour before these shots were taken. How I love that store.

It was breezy that day. It felt good but did not do good things for my hair. Thank heavens for hats! Without the hat, my hair totally forgot that I had it in hot rollers an hour ago! Whoops!

OK, so I was feeling creative. My black maxi needed something. ( It doesn’t really, I was just in a mood to decorate-  you know me and my love of maximalism, and creativity. ) I wish I knew photoshop; I was learning, and then real life got in the way. But I do have an app that allows for double exposure. So this was born.

And that, led of course, to this.

And this will be the opening shot for my next creative writing contest. Awards going out soon, sorry I was away!

How are you wearing your maxi’s? I like that this one is mostly lined, since I can not wear a bra with the off the shoulder look. Do you wear heels, flats, or boots? Print, or solid?  What is your Ideal maxi dress? Let me know!

Photos by Bryon Conce of Kaleta Producciones, editing by moi.

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