Dancing on a Cloud: St.Cloud, that is.

I was invited to a cocktail hour at St.Cloud, a sophisticated, plush and urban destination – high atop the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. The walls of greenery were splendid and exotic;  the three corner pods looked elegant, and ensured a bit of privacy for conversation too.

The attire was “festive floral” so I went with a simple black Helmut Lang dress, an embroidered and appliqued floral coat, nude pumps – thank you Naturalizer for making them comfy enough to dance!- and a jade and pearl necklace by KC Signatures. It was drizzling a bit when I arrived, but by 9:30 it was perfect outside and very lively!

It was windy,  dusky and drizzling, but you can see I am having fun just looking around. I think I look a bit like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. ( or her grand mum, as I approach my 58th this summer.)

I have wondered of late, what I might look like with pink highlights, Courtesy of some bewitching neon lights, I now know!

Clearly I am looking for Toto.

Inside there were some beauties wearing flower crowns. I just kept my flower appliqued sunnies on instead.. Lots of dancing, and superb passed Hors d’oeuvres.

Upon entering I was greeting graciously. ( This translates to-  I was promptly given free Sangria. YUM!

I was assigned a comfy place to sit to let my eyes adjust, and then I ventured out.

I loved looking out, the view was stupendous, but the decor of St Cloud was sublime as well, lush green walls with verdant red flowers, and inviting outdoor banquettes.

I took some of these photos with my LG phone and even got a shot of of my photographer! He was wearing floral, it was the least I could do! Readers meet Gerardo Vitale, a great photographer and musician.

I had a wonderful time at St. Cloud, and the Knickerbocker hotel looks quite nice. I want to thank Kelly for inviting me. The music was amazing., and I love to dance. I recommend this place ( all opinions are my own).

Now to go backwards, I wore a slightly different version of this before I left. Different sunnies, and necklaces, and location… such a different look!  Context, lighting,  and back round make such a difference in a photo.

You can see my appliqued floral bag here, a older one from Cole Haan. Very on trend, though and perfect for the “floral festive” theme. My emerald bracelets from KC Signatures add a pop of green, which gets a bit lost in the shots at the hotel. Here, you can see them well.

But, DID YOU NOTICE, in these shots I wore the jacket inside out! The pretty appliques were hiding. And you thought I was getting fat!

So where are your favorite outdoor spots for nightlife? Do you like rooftop views, or do you prefer not to be so high up? Do you like to dance?  Have you tried Naturalizer ( this is also my own opinion) for dancing? Let me know. You know how!

Your comments make my day !