Pleats, Flowers, and Bows, oh my.

I did not mean to toss on so many trends when I put this outfit together. In, fact, nothing I am wearing is new, except for my pendant necklace from KC Signatures . My three year old Zara skirt still looks super fresh, and I love the lightweight metallic feel of it.

I take that back, my booties are new, from ASOS on sale recently. I love the heels that look like ice cubes, stacked perfectly on top of one another, waiting for a glass of lemonade or vodka, or lemonade with vodka.

My floral blouse is a bit dated, as an abstract floral. The newest florals are bolder, and more realistic, not rendered like brushstrokes like this old thing. But I care not. NOT at all, actually. Bad Bad Blogger.

I was thrilled to find my skirt 3 years ago. Prada has just produced one that I WANTED! I shopped it on line of course and saw that Top Shop had one much like it, in a pretty pink color. Prada’s was blue,  metallic blue if memory serves. I took the subway downtown ( no one who buys Prada take the subway- probably).

On the way to Prada,  I rationalized that I would love and wear this skirt for years to come. Then, like a divine intervention,  I fell into H&M. Who had, weird coincidence (?), the very same skirt, but in a metallic silver, that reads pale gold in certain light. Like a Prada skirt ( which I have only bought at Outlets or resale) it fits small and perfectly. And I was right, three years later I still love it!

It is hard to describe the hand of this fabric, it feels like a cross between linen, silk, and aluminum foil.

It is lightweight, as though it was made for space travel. I also bought a wool knife pleated skirt from Milly that year.  It is a tad big, but it is lovely too.

I added an older blouse, and sash, tied it like a bow, and voilá, I was dressed. I did my up-do myself. It is a bit asymmetrical, but I was chill with that. So long as it did not get blown to bits by the wind.  I used a couple of jeweled clips, too, that you may see one day. Super cute and perfect for an 8 year old girl! ( just add 5 decades and we are there.) Okay?

I added a cross-body minaudèrie for a dash of the geometric. ( Badgely Mischka, via Century 21, NYC) And now it appears I am standing sentry next to the velvet ropes.

Shall I let you in?  Hmm. How much do you like my outfit?

( It is just a gym behind me, but a fancy one!)

My nail color is a bluish purple, Le Vernis 727 from CHANEL. I usually opt for more muted colors, but hey, it is Spring very very soon, and flowers will be coming up in this yummy shade; UNTIL THEN, I will wear it on my nails just to prompt Mother Nature..

I love adding a lightweight minaudèrie to an outfit, or a mini bag, too, is a fun accent. I just bought a new one from Fox’s, a designer Off- Price store much like Century 21. The two below, both By Badgley Mischka came from these stores, the gold one bought most recently at $29.99.!  Below, too,  a better look at my pendant necklace which is rutilated blue quartz, surrounded by marcasite and yellow citrine stones, and strung on a hand-knotted chain of faceted semi-precious stones. I bought this at KC Signatures near Bloomingdales. ( for those of you who are not familiar with these 3 stores, take note!)

There you have it, another #OOTD from Elle, a veritable mash up of trends, lots of shine, and much happiness on this warm day. I am sending it to you. Can you feel it? 🙂


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