On the heels of a serious post about well being, this post will be lighter. Still, my look is bold. My choice of dress is simple, but dramatic, and the cut-outs- though small, are bold, too. I am after all, not a young person.

I am breaking every fashion rule invented, it seems. I am too short for horizontal stripes, too old for cut out dresses, I am wearing too many rings.  I am too old for sleeveless dresses, and my hair, at 57, should not be mid-way down my back, although it is up today!  Metallic blue sunglasses?

Yes, today I shift away from black and tortoise shell, and ignore the rules of convention.

The List of “fashion rules” were meant to be broken, right? Or at least adapted. .  Everyone must find their own comfort zone for their style to be authentic. Experimenting with new trends, is energizing.  Style and fashion choices, should be energizing!  We will make mistakes, but that is okay, too. We are not perfect.

I am also breaking posting rules. I am including different shots, in different locations. The colors and lights do not match perfectly. For a more professional look I should choose one spot and have it all be consistent. Three photos do not blend at all, but I will include them anyway.

But it is my blog, and I am not perfect. My blog should reflect that.

A few steps away, I am in a different spot, with different ambiance.  We found it by accident.  Two shots were taken there, and they are my favorite in this post. Serendipity is a good thing! I love what looks to be rosewood, or some kind of exotic wood.

This background adds so much more contrast and dimension, too, with the shadow both around, and behind me.

This next shot is from this location. It is the bit I cropped out, and is my reflection in the gorgeous, brass flower- studded doorway. This became the photo that I used in my prior post. I love photos that feature and explore reflections, because we are not really seeing what we think we are seeing; indeed we never are!

The next two shots were shot on the sly by Geraldo, my photographer. They are overexposed, which I like,  as it muddled the crowded walkway with light, for an interesting city snap. They are of me and my friend Deborah who helped me enormously in this shoot. Just a raised eyebrow from my friend, will suggest that something is not right. How lucky I am that she is my friend, and that she was there that day.  Lipstick on my teeth was only the top thing on the list of things she corrected, and finessed. And having her there was such fun!

Now you see what I mean by disparate photos.  But I wanted to include the shot of my reflection because it was interesting ( to you, I hope) . I also wanted to include these two, because they tell a story, and ends my post with the upbeat mood of friendship and collaboration. A good theme, given the headlines in my country.  I hope you will agree, and not mind!  In fact, I hope you will share you thoughts with me!

Happy weekend! May it be splendid, and full of sunshine and great memories, in the making!

XX, Elle




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