We were heading out to the garage for photos. It was late in the day, but I knew the garage would be lit well. The garage is painted white, with a large blue stripe running through the perimeter; it might work well with the sweater I am wearing. Alas, we never made it out!

I saw the luggage cart, and thought this might be fun!  I saw the single florescent light above and thought the light might not be in my favor, but Iopted for rolling! Which is what I did. First I was balanced perfectly, and then I shifted and rolled right. It doesn’t take much to amuse me, I guess.

And from there I decided that my luggage cart should be a go cart. Down the ramp I went! 🙂

I had such fun with this little shoot. I enjoyed being spontaneous, and ending up with a completely different post than I imagined! 

I had imagined an outdoor post, where natural, though fading, light would enhance the texture of my faux astrakhan coat by Ralph Lauren.  The bit of stripes of my sweater peeking out of my 3/4 length sleeve coat, would be a nice detail, and would mingle nicely, with the gleaming sparkle of my stacked emerald, and ruby bracelets.

Instead you are seeing me inside, in a poorly lit place, just having fun. Rolling with it, literally. I am sorry the light values do not match from frame to frame, I tried, but the single fluorescent light made me look one way when I was directly under it, and then a bit different, off to the side… The harder I tried, the more processed the photos looked. So I settled on the fact that this is not the most professional post, in that way. Gerardo takes the shots, but I edit them, and I am still, and always, learning. These shots are a bit overexposed, which I hope makes the differences in hue less apparent.

 I had fun! I am pretty sure this is my first post where I am smiling in all of the photos. Now here is a shot of the bracelets, that I was hoping to showcase with natural sunlight. They are by KC Signatures near Bloomingdales. A bit of imagination ( my idea) and voilá!

Outfit details: denim-Hudson jeans, last year, thrifted at LVIS.  V-neck sweater ( matches an old Missoni skirt perfectly) on sale at H&M, -emerald, white topaz, and ruby bracelets via KC Signatures. Ralph Lauren coat via TJ Maxx last year. My bow tie was a sash. I usually wrap it around once so it is not this long! Vintage crocodile clutch by Lederer’s , via eBay.

Do you fellow bloggers ever do this? Plan a shoot, and then improvise, and change locations?

Let me know in the comments section. Happy week ahead!         XX, Elle

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