Broadway Market Co. :Where to Shop Small In NYC

SO, it may not feel like it, but the gift giving holidays will be here in a New York Minute.

Say you live in New York and want to buy some great gifts, but also want to shop small?

Where does one go? Answer: Broadway Market Co. at 483 Broadway, NY’s coolest co- retail store for shopping small,  and finding unique vendors.

Below from the website


If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember me wearing cool faux fur coat, my favorite “Le Fluer” sunglasses, a fab embroidered handbag, & a glimpse of a blue agate necklace peeking out from under the fur collar.  Expensive? No! It is a from a very cool start-up UnRequitedNYC . Everything I was wearing was under $65.OO .  All this from UnrequitedNYC and also available online, but with more limited options.

There is over 10,000 square feet of exquisite shopping space at Broadway Market Co. Much of the merchandise is hand-made, or from up and coming designers, vintage specialists, and gourmet food companies. The cool space has painted tin ceilings and chic chandeliers and is a fun destination.  Below some photos from what UnrequitedNYC sells:

You know that shopping small and shopping savvy is important to me. This venue is a great way to enjoy a cool downtown destination , and pick up some gifts that are unique and that will not break the bank .

Supporting small sellers is a bonus. So this shopping platform is, to me,  a no-brainer. Go to 483 Broadway and check it out. YOU will find yourself surrounded with fast fashion and traditional retailers too, like Forever 21, TopShop, and Bloomingdale’s, if that is more your thing. A bonus:  you can get delish and very strong cappuccino in the back of the space, be warned: it is high-octane and will definitely help you check off those shopping tasks from your list!

This has been tough day in Manhattan. I won’t sugar coat it. But life goes on and it feels good to shop small, now more than ever.  Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, nor do I benefit in any financial way from this post,  but I am friendly with the owners of this shop, and yes, you will see me on the site..

Happy Mid Week and Hello to Autumn weather at last!


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30 thoughts on “Broadway Market Co. :Where to Shop Small In NYC

  1. Dear Elle, you look amazing! I hope you are fine, I was worried about you yesterday with the happenings in NY. There’s a problem, because with the new layout of the blog – really great! – I stopped getting feeds of your posts in my Inbox 🙁 Will see what I have to do to get them again! Hope you have a nice day! Hugs!

    1. Yes, it was awful… the police presence here too, always a constant –is a strange thing too. I switched back to wordpress. you can re subscribe on the blog, that would be great, or I can try to redirect the old subscribing company to new site. I am blogging regularly. thank you so much for your support and communication.! xoxo, Elle

  2. It has been so sad to read about the news in NYC, but I’m glad you are safe and sound, Elle!
    I always love the idea of supporting small businesses since I was one myself as a dentist before I sold the practice. In fact, on Friday I will be posting about a local store near me, so it’s near and dear to my heart.
    We used to make it out to NYC every year at Labor Day, although that hasn’t happened since Rob’s mom passed 6 years ago. But if we ever make it back out (which I’m sure we will because I love the city), we will have to visit this place. And see you too!!!

  3. Elle,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing spot to shop small! I see you can buy really amazing things and wonderful gifts!
    And I can’t believe that no piece of your adorable and very cool look cost more than 65 $ – everything looks so expensive and you look beautiful!
    xx Rena

    1. I am so glad you liked this post. The market place is very coo and a wonderful place to shop small.. and the values are very good. A win-win. Hugs to you!
      xoxo, Elle

  4. Wouldnt I love to go shopping there with you. I know, I know… I had the chance in August and I blew it.
    I always try not to let these bad things to get under my skin. I wouldn’t know how to get on if I let them.
    And as one of your other readers said: I don’t get any notice of a new blogpost by you either. Which is why I haven’t been here for a while.

      1. Thank you very much Greetje! I do hope you will come to NYC one day.. oh the shopping we would do! 🙂

      2. Lazy, you ??? NO way….
        I also hire 24 year old men, well one is 2O and other 33 but they charge , gulp. $40 + an hour….. sooo… H have spent five days with then… yes I could have had a pristine new website from scratch for less, one that would knock on every readers door and say, hey Elle has a post up!…but that is what it is in Manhattan , everything is expensive…
        And they were competent… complicated. frustrating!
        At east the new subscribe option works and is visible on the blog. I am working on it this weekend…
        thanks so much for re-rescribing, it is a pain, I know.
        xoxo, Elle

    1. Yes, you are right. I have to focus on the positive and there is so much of it. But it is challenging. I am very sorry about the way the blog is structured now, the separate subscribing service, did not migrate when I switched back to WordPress. It is pretty technical and I am working on it, but I thank you for re-subscribing– i am just working mostly to publish good content that I hope you enjoy reading. I don’t know code, and it has been hard just getting the basics up. working on it– all of it! 🙂
      thanks, was always , for being a friend and a reader for so long now! <3

    1. Thank you, it was terrible and sad. I worry about tomorrow which is the marathon . The market is such fun. I hope one day you can swoop into the city and I can take you shopping, and babysit. ( would rather babysit than shop, and I love to shop— crazy about kids, waiting patiently for my now grandchildren …my kids are 27 and 29… being patient ! )
      It is back to normal, new yorkers are pretty adaptable.
      Thanks so much for reading.
      xoxo, Elle

    1. I do love shopping there , and am crazy about their cappuccino. The prices and selection are good and I have made headway with holiday shopping ! I hope it stays cool, I keep seeing trees in bud !
      Xoxo, Elle

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