Feature: Diamond Runway Launch

So lets say you are a bride to be, or a collector. You want a fine diamond, but do not know whom to trust or where to go. This is tricky terrain. But today I will feature a new venue that solves this problem.  Diamond Runway solves that handily and beautifully!

 Diamond Runway, a new platform for diamonds, pearls , or rare gemstone acquisitions,  takes e-commerce to a whole and unprecedented level.  Better than Front Row! 

“We facilitate collector needs between the designer, the personal jeweler and owners of high-end jewelry and important gemstones” — Diamond Runway

Warning: some photos may cause a severe case of jaw drop. Below are some fine diamond earrings, in a dazzling mixed cut setting.


This shot from the website. How to turn heads! A lucky woman will be wearing this treasure soon.

rare diamond ring

Diamond Runway connects the elite demand houses, emerging jewelry designers and potential clients in the most breathtaking way.

The high-resolution 360 views of the rare stones will dazzle and inform. Imagine viewing a rare and fine diamond or a ring like this on a desktop, or better yet, a large screen television as it rotates and throws light around you.

rare diamond

Elisabeth Austin, founder of Diamond Runway,  speaks at the launch:

diamond runway launch

diamond runway sign

Below a quick snap of me and a friend,  watching as models walk by wearing the most magnificent gemstones on earth. The photographer had NO trouble getting me to smile! Thanks @theqgentlemen !

Fashion blogger attending event

More photos of the stones which were playing on a Television…. the best TV I have seen ever! Images from my Samsung Note, as all of the photos here are, unless noted otherwise. A yellow diamond,  a rare diamond with expert faceting, and more…. so much more.  OH MY!

poison ring diamond runway

Below another rare diamond shows off its pedigree and faceting.  Four C’s indeed!

rare cushion cut diamond

This fabulous launch party was at the penthouse of the Tuscany ,  a St. Giles Signature Hotel in Manhattan’s Midtown East. I snapped a shot of the lobby. I did not get a shot of the view, which was spectacular, but I was too busy snapping away at the gemstones!

lobby the Tuscany St.Giles

However I did get a view of the night’s sky at my friend’s terrace that same evening. It was a perfect Autumn night!

beautiful Manhattan city view

I close with a snap of moi from the event , wearing a new coat from H&M, a Phillip Lim dress, and a cool feathered scarf in glen plaid. Definitely,  a signature “Elle” look.  Both my dress and scarf were up-cycled from consignment stores in Manhattan. Photo by a friend on my camera phone.

Fashion Blogger mixed prints

This is a non sponsored post. I was invited to this launch party of Diamond Runway purely as a guest and media outlet.  And with that I will encourage you to check out the website of Diamond  I wish you sweet dreams! In fact, I guarantee it!

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19 thoughts on “Feature: Diamond Runway Launch

  1. Oh yes, I can be so tempted by such beauties. I remember onces at a diamond and antique fair I was ogling a big solitaire diamant. Ron just said to me:”Darling, you can’t even afford the insurance”. Whahaha… he was so right.
    What did happen when I saw you and your friend sitting and smiling, is that I saw the coat again. I saw a woman in Paris with that coat too. I am so in love with it, so I went over to the site and ordered it. While I am on a strict “cannot buy anything anymore” diet. Blogging…. sooo tempting.

  2. I am so so glad. That coat is a bargain and despite how warm it is I have already worn it 3 times ! I am so glad you are getting it. I am going to work on my site today.. and tomorrow. Yes, those stones…. so gorgeous to gaze at, but not in my budget at all.
    xoxo, Elle

  3. These pieces are gorgeous and the site is such a great idea 🙂 I love your new coat, it goes perfect with your bag and scarf. The color palette is perfect for the season.

    1. Thanks so much Angel. The pieces are truly magnificent! My outfit was fun and wearable, nothing too precious! Have a great week ahead! Xoxo, Elle

    1. That is fun, I am also not a fan of white diamonds, I adore colored stones like you. I wore a ruby ring I designed years ago to this event, and it is set with two orange garnets…and it was well received… and fun to wear. But those stones were pretty yummy!
      That snake ring is awesome too! I agree, very modern and cool.
      Now the coat, h&m, you know I seldom buy fast fashion, but this coat… Greetje got one, from No fear of Fashion….and well, let’s start a club with these…and colored stones..
      💎💎💎 Elle

  4. Elle,
    The outfit you wore for the event is fantastic and I can’t believe that coat is from H&M! And I see diamondas are really girl’s best friends – thanks a lot for sharing all the beautiful pieces.
    I think the only diamond I own is the diamond in my wedding ring …
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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