Sneakers and a Silk Skirt for #Hotautumn

polka dots and silk

Hello loves and happy Tuesday ! Today I am featuring a tiered, silk skirt that I paired with a pleather and fleece sweatshirt, and my super comfy Geox trainers. This photo shoot was a few days ago and the temps were in the mid to high 70s. It was warm out! The fan was a cool visual but also very helpful, while out that day.  Sneakers and a silk skirt may seem like an odd combo, but it worked in a hi-lo sort of way!

silk skirt and polka dots

My silk skirt is light and breezy with the lace tiers and rows of open lace. 

I added a casual sweatshirt ; short-sleeved because of the warm air. I love the juxtaposition of a silk skirt with a sweatshirt. Adding the tweed sneakers was also a fun  element. 

I had fun wearing this black silk skirt. It felt soft and fluid, and rustled just a bit when I walked. I made the ruby, pearl, and aquamarine necklace years ago. I liked the glint of gold with this sweatshirt, and the faceted stones added some color.

Earlier in the afternoon , I enjoyed what felt like a summer walk. Talk about leaning in!

woman walking by flowers

I will admit this was a complicated day emotionally. There was another tragedy in the city, and the news gets me down. I remind myself of the sweet and simple truth; there are more acts of kindness than acts of violence. I hold onto that thought. Below a fun shot of my friend and I. Lets call it the sneaker stand-off.

tweed sneakers

Pictured below-  my color blocked bag, Theory jacket, and the city street that day; red flowers still blooming and matching the color of my handbag. The tiers of the black silk skirt stand out against the red street sculpture.

Below I added varsity jacket in black and burgundy. I don’t need it outside, but it is good for inside where the air-conditioning is blasting.  Did I mention that my skirt was thrifted for $6.00? Well it was, and the proceeds went to charity. Win-Win! Also, my theory varsity jacket was an eBay find !

silk skirt and varsity jacket

And I close with a candid that captures another mood than the one above. It’s not a good photo of me and that is fine. It is real, and life has been, shall we say complicated. Still, lets keep the Peace!

overwhelmed woman on street

Thanks for coming by and reading! Happy week!

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33 thoughts on “Sneakers and a Silk Skirt for #Hotautumn

  1. I love the contrast to this look, with the lace against the shoes and jacket. I’ve been wearing some of my adidas jackets with my usual dresses more recently. More acts of kindness than violence is a good way of looking at it. It is true but appreciate it can still make us feel sad.


    1. Thanks Imogen!
      I am glad you like this look. I do think perspective can help in these strange times..
      ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Elle

  2. I loved the look, dear Elle! Despite the emotional day, you managed to have very beautiful pictures! I loved the sneakers with the tiered skirt and later the burgundy detailed jacket! You always look sophisticated, no matter shoes you wear 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful day! Hugs!

  3. That is such a fun skirt, and a great bargain! I’ve been loving tiered dresses lately so of course I like that skirt! The red and burgundy accessories work nicely with the black too.

    It’s always so hard when there are so many bad things and tragedies in the world, you’re right though that there is always more good than bad! 🙂

    Hope you are having a nice start to the week so far! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. What a score on the skirt, Elle! I love the mix of High-Low in this outfit – that casual with dressy. That’s the kind of styling that really rings my bell. The varsity jacket is beautiful – a very classed-up version of the shiny satin bombers. Love this outfit!

    1. It was a lucky find! We both love the hi- low styling mix, such a fun creative pursuit!
      Thanks you, I do like this bomber… the satin ones are already looking a bit tired now…
      Xoxo, Elle

  5. You did a very good job styling this outfit. Gosh I envy you for your budget purchases. None of that here in The Netherlands.
    I really like all the pieces, but personally I have not been able to love the sneakers with skirts trend. Loads of my colleagues and friends have, but I am apparently old-fashioned. Oh well.

    1. Thank you Greetje!
      I am glad you think so. That means a lot. I am also not too keen on this trend, but I had. A lot of walking to do that day, so I tried it. These sneakers are dressier than most with the tweed and bit of metallic…so I am old fashioned too, I prefer booties or boots or beautiful pumps!
      Xoxo, Elle

    1. Thanks Madison!
      I appreciate your comments! I do try to buy nice quality clothing nd hope,the pretty details come through!
      Xoxo, Elle

  6. Hello my friend! You know, you would look amazing in a paper bag. 🙂 I love this casual yet so stylish look with the touch of red and the mix of fabrics, that silk skirt is so pretty! i know what you mean about the world getting you down. i can get very down about everything and i discused this with my mom asking her how do we live in this world and not be bothered by all of the negative events?
    thinking of you!
    jess xx

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