NYC Rooftop Style

Last week,  hubby and I invited friends to join us at our roof top, briefly before dinner. It is quiet up there, perhaps because it was late. It is so nice to have access to a quiet place in the city.

I call this look Demi-Glam, because while most the items are ornate, or embellished, there is still a casual vibe to the outfit.

The stripe tee by J.Crew and the flatforms keep things down a notch. The beading on the skirt is a bit fancy, and a lovely thing to admire on its own. ( on sale from H&M !)  The sleeveless vest is in a damask pattern, again a bit fancy, and the caning on the bag, from,  a nice detail I think!  The handle lends an organic note with the golden “branch motif. This is a very eclectic outfit: my style.

Are you familiar with the site This is a site that creates a worldwide marketplace for handcrafted artisans, offering fair prices and sustainability. I bought this bag over a year ago, and have enjoyed using it. It is not a bag I will likely see on anyone else, and it was not too expensive. It is, you might say, the antithesis of an “It Bag”.

I try to put my consumer dollars to good work. I seldom buy from behemoth chains stores, but alas, I do sometimes, and the skirtabove,  is proof there of.

Here are a couple of snaps of the rooftop terrace .

I wish you were here to join me!! I have a lovely Rosé chilling in the refrigerator. Let me take my rings, off, wash my hands, and pour a glass.

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