What to Wear: Girl’s Night Out

Samantha, Dea and I were going to a special restaurant for dinner. We choose to dress up a bit! We were going to Theo’s NY, a place well known for its fresh seafood, and quietly luxurious decor. We walked. Photos along the way:

Samantha and Dea hailed a taxi while I was checking to see the wait for Uber.

We arrive at Theo’s and the restaurant was beautiful!

The food was fresh and delicious, we really enjoyed the tuna tartare, the scallops truffle risotto and the grilled shrimp. The service was attentive and excellent!

We sipped Perrier while our table was prepared.

How does a girl who is so slim,  eat french fries?. Portion control!  I love this candid shot!

So by now you are wondering if Elle and her friends always look this good on the way to dinner, and I will say, maybe Samantha and Dea, do, but I do not.  I styled them , from my bountiful wardrobe, and we did stage this shoot. ( they both have great style on their own- and they have both had modeling experience.) I hope you remember Dea from a prior post-  she is a talented artist, and an award winning filmmaker. She has helped me with my blog from day one.

I wanted the challenge of a group shoot and styling others- boy were they easy- everything looked good on them! I really missed my friend Nedra for this shoot, but she was working that day. You have seen Nedra here and here.

This was a fun challenge, and the behind the scenes story, would make for a fun post to -visualize my bed with 17 different outfit choices, and all of the accessories ! Organized chaos, I would call it.

The styling theme here is couture influenced – with bouclĂ© skirts and bow blouses, fringe details and an appliqued brooch, and both flat and high heels.  We wore: Chanel, J.Crew, YSL- (my shoes), Alexander Wang, -Samantha’s shoes-, Gucci, and some older bow blouses of mine. Almost every piece was bought second hand at the tip top consignment stores in Manhattan. ( All of whom are having great sales this month!) Most of the jewelry is from KC Signatures.

Photo credit: Gerardo Vitale.

Some ideas from my most recent Polyvore, set, which you can see here.

Would you try a group shoot like this one? My followers know well how I shop second hand for really fine quality clothing and bags. I know many of you still do not, but am glad many of you do. It is the ultimate way to recycle, and many clothes from the better consignments stores have never been worn! I hope everyone considers this way of shopping.

Many thanks to my beautiful friends, Samantha and Dea. Happy Monday!

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