White Maxi Dress \ Summer Style

I love a quiet spot at the beach, with no noise, other than the wind swishing gently at the nearby brush, and birdsong. The sun is warm on my face. The breeze is just the right amount of pleasant. This is when I wear white.

A white maxi can be perfect without accessories for someone who has a darker complexion, or someone with deep tan. For me, I needed a hat, both for a pop of color and sun protection. I also brought along an embroidered bag with pom pom trim, just for access to my phone ( on vibrate) car keys, a credit card, and a case for my sunnies.

I like the pleating, and the white on white embroidery of this dress by Blue Bird, ( Anthropologie). It looks perfect by itself, is fully lined, and is simple, or as simple as I ever dress. The good news is that I bought it 2 years ago, with the original tags, and 2/3 less than the original price at Anna’s and Around Again, on the Wharf in sag harbor, you can visit them on Instagram @avas_around_again . I also got my earrings there, and Joy Susan hat. I did not get the sand there, though, or the perfect day that topped out at 78*.

This is the last you will see of these sunnies.  🙁  I crushed a stem while putting groceries on top of my bag).  See, that is why I hate to grocery shopping, and should ALWAYS eat out. Right? Oh well,  I got two years out of them and replaced them with a pair of Chanel sunnies in black from Medusa In East Hampton. Lucky for me they were half- off.

Some snaps of the accessories, and I will leave you to enjoy your weekend!

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                    // Enjoy what is left of the weekend! //

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