Off-Season in the Hamptons

My favorite time of the year is early Spring. It is a wonderful time to visit the Hamptons, before HIgh-Season brings crowds and clotted road ways,  and noise to the restaurants. The daffodils are in bloom, trees are budding, and the Hamptons remembers that it is best-dressed in sky blue and lush forest green.

Above, the main street of Sag harbor is quiet. This is a truly rare thing!  Below, every store greets you with flowers.

It is so quiet, a dog naps in the window of Tulla Booth Gallery, a sweet spot for fine art photography, and handmade jewelry.

Currently on display at Tulla Booth is this vivid piece that caught my attention.

Food here is expensive. Most merchants have only one season to really make their bank.  To wit, a glimpse of the prices at a favorite place of mine, Golden Pear. Their food is fresh, local, and delicious. Great coffee, too. You can take out in sit down. They are mobbed in the summer, and the service is gracious and fast! Guess who does NOT buy lobster salad here?  Yes, that would be me, but I do get a great salad with avocado and chicken , home made cole slaw, and fabulous muffins.

East End style decor from Sylvester and Co. , a fun “modern general store” that includes a coffee bar, and Monika olko home , a gallery noted for hand woven pillows and rugs, and pieces from Morocco, as well as object’s d’art and home furnishings.

I opened my pool last weekend. it has been too cold to swim, but I have had enjoyed a handful of days that I could sit outside in a summer dress and read the paper! As far back as December, I have been able to sit outside and enjoy some sunny days. ( remember my Sleeveless Christmas post?) Last weekend there were two hours that were warm and sunny, and I promptly parked myself on the chaise.

Even when it is chilly, it is a happy thing to look out and see the pool,  full of shimmery turquoise water, and know warm weather will be here soon!

Now, I want to dispel the notion that everything is the Hamptons costs a fortune. Often things are pricey, but for those in the know, there are some great restaurants offering Prix Fixe menus selections, resale and thrift shops for clothes, furniture and decorative objects,  Case in point. Check these gorgeous, never worn, made in Italy shoes for $7.00 ( not my size; Sniff.. Pout) at LVIS . Fabulous right?!

Plan ahead to visit these lovely villages and towns that comprise the Hamptons. Best times to stay, are April, May, September and October. Additionally, Christmas there is lovely.  The beaches there are pristine, but some are private.

What is your favorite place to go and enjoy nature?

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